BetterShop - The "Better" Global Shop


Global command-based shop. At a glance: buy/sell, vault-compatible, configurable stocking options, MySQL compatible, configurable item aliases, multiple shop custom interfaces (signs, chests, spout), enable/disable by regions, buy/sell by custom categories, can buy configurable kits of items, configurable item sorting, optional discount groups, can optionally buy items stacked to 64, not just at default stack, and more!

this plugin was originally created by jjfs85, but has since quit development


  • any item can be bought / sold
    • can define kits (with custom amounts) (can't sell)
    • can define item categories (buy/sell)
    • entities (animals, monsters, etc) can also be bought (can't sell)
  • Spout-Compatible
    • shop listing can be viewed on a popup screen
    • configurable access keys, default is 'B'
  • can be disabled in regions
    • defined using WorldEdit selections with "/shop region define [name]"
    • option in config to reverse regions, so regions are only ares where shop is enabled
  • multiple interfaces available
    • commands
    • signs
    • chests
    • spout

in more detail:

Plugin Support

for economy, currently dependent on one of:

  • iConomy
  • BOSeconomy
  • Essentials
  • MultiCurrency
  • (or Vault)

also supports:

  • Permissions
  • SuperPerms
  • Spout
  • Help


  • Fully configurable colors and message text in config.yml file
  • shoplist can have text alignment (read config for more info): <item> <l(eft-aligned)> <buy and sell info>
    • uses minecraft font character spacing, so is very close to perfectly aligned in chat
  • shoplist can optionally not show listing tail (or head, but recommended to leave <page> of <pages>)
  • Items can be colored in the new itemsdb.yml file
  • items can also be assigned custom names & aliases
  • also in itemsdb.yml: kits!
    • define your own kits that the shop can sell
    • three examples provided, edit and add to your liking
  • Configurable Options:
    • max pagesize when printing shoplist
    • whether to broadcast all transactions publicly
    • name of the pricelist file/table
    • customsort: a custom sorting order, so you can have items at the top of the shop list
    • allowbuyillegal: if someone without BetterShop.admin.illegal can buy illegal items
    • whether maxstack should be honored
    • if used tools can be bought back
    • default color for items
    • and more!

shop flexibility

  • shopcheck will run a name comparison check, and return all matching items
  • Item sub-type support for dye colors, cloth colors, etc: magentacloth = 35:2 = cloth:magenta
  • "all" is a valid amount when buying or selling: "/sell cobblestone all" or "/sell all cobblestone"
  • damaged tools can be resold for an adjusted value of sellprice*(1-(damage/maxdamage))
  • buystack can be given multiple items, or number of stacks: "/buystack wool 5" or "/buystack wool blackdye reddye"
  • shopsellall can be given multiple items (/sell all cobble gravel flint dirt)
  • plural-insensitive items: if not found, will check if plural & remove "s"
  • not just items can be bought anymore: can now buy LivingEntities, like dogs (wolf)
  • signs can be used for buying & selling
    • first line: [BetterShop] (not case-sensitive)
    • second line: action: buy [amt], buyall, buystack, sell [amt], sellall, sellstack
    • third line: item (name, id, etc)
    • fourth line: can define a custom price (if amount = "all", per-unit, else for total cost)
    • to activate, someone with BetterShop.admin.makesign must click the sign.. the first line will change color when active
    • left-click for price check, right-click to buy/sell
    • if a unauthorized player destroys a block a sign is on, is canceled
  • item categories
    • can search for items by category (in shoplist)
  • players using Spout (if installed & enabled) can use a GUI Menu for buying & selling
    • default button is 'b'
    • displays items in shop in top half
    • item detail below with # in stock, buy/sell price, & buttons to buy & sell
    • amount to buy/sell can be set in text box or with up/down buttons


  • Every item and subtype can be priced differently
  • Disable buying or selling of an item by giving it a price of -1 (0 makes it free)
  • command aliases to stop carpal tunnel
  • many commands have sub-aliases.. eg. shoplist kits will run shoplistkits
  • MySQL pricelist support
  • MySQL pricelist can be cached for a given timespan (decreases table selects) (flatfile is cached until manually updated)
  • Transaction records (MySQL or flatfile as .csv)
  • Downloads mysql-bin.jar dependency automatically
  • buy/sell cap in program set to 999,999,999 (not that you'd be using that much, but the cap is to prevent other errors)
  • can backup the current pricelist: /shop backup
  • can restore from backup: /shop restore <file>
  • can import new prices in a batch from a csv (or old yml format) : /shop import <file>
  • on start, can check the download page to see if there is an update available
  • shop can be given a finite stock from which to buy & sell
  • /shop ver[sion] to check the current version & see if there's an update
  • /shop update to manually download & install the most recent version
  • checks for missing & unused configuration nodes
  • strings have default values if missing
  • help main page integration can be disabled
  • global shop can be disabled & only allow signs to be used
  • can use permissions to define discounts for certain users
    • uses nodes in ""
    • nodes defined in config under discountGroups
    • ex: discountGroups:
    • VIP: 10 # gives 10% discount to players with
  • support for bukkit permissions
    • built-in support for "BetterShop.(user|admin).*" nodes, so you don't have to add all of the other nodes
  • plugin tracking - please keep enabled so i can see how many actually use this and if it's even worth maintaining


  • /shop <command>
    • for those used to a plugin having one command, this is another way to get to the following (also used for some admin commands)
  • /shop ver[sion]
    • shows version # and if is up-to-date
  • /shop backup
    • backup the database to a csv file
  • /shop import <file>
    • insert values from file in plugin folder
  • /shop restore <file>
    • clear shop & load from saved backup file
  • /shop restock
    • manually update stock (if enabled)
  • /shop update
    • OP-only command that forces update & restarts server plugins
  • /shop region define <name>
    • uses the player's WorldEdit selection to define a shop region
  • /shop region remove <name>
    • remove a region definition
  • /shop region list [page]
    • list current regions
  • /shop chest define
    • set the chest in the crosshairs to a shop chest
  • /shop chest edit
    • open the shop chest for editing
  • /shop chest remove
    • remove the chest shop status
  • /shophelp (shelp) [command]
    • shows you all the commands you can use, or more help on [command]
  • /shoplist (sl,slist) [pagenum]
    • shows a listing of items for sale (if -1, all, or full given, will show full list. (for console use))
  • /shopitems (sitems)
    • show full listing of items in shop, without prices
  • /shopcheck (sc,scheck) <item> [amount]
    • lookup a specific item so you don't have to read through pages of prices
  • /shopbuy (buy,sbuy) <item> [amount]
    • buy an item for the price in the shopshop ("all" is accepted as an amount)
  • /shopbuyall (buyall,sbuyall) <item>
    • buy all of an item that you can hold
  • /shopsell (sell,ssell) <item> [amount]
    • sell an item for the price in the shop
  • /shopadd (sadd): <item> <buy> [sell]
    • add an item to or update an item in the price list
  • /shopremove (sremove) <item>
    • remove an item from the price list
  • /shopload (sload)
    • reload prices from pricelist database
  • /shopsellall (sellall) [inv] [item [...]]
    • Sell all of item from your inventory (alias to command /shop sell all) (inv will not search lower 9 slots)
  • /shopbuystack (buystack) <item> [item | amount]
    • buy a stack of an item (usually 64)
  • /shopsellstack (sellstack) <item> [item | amount]
    • sell a stack of an item (usually 64)
  • /shopbuyagain (buyagain,sba)
    • repeat last buy action
  • /shopsellagain (sellagain,ssa)
    • repeat last sell action
  • /shopkits (skits)
    • show a listing of available kits (will be elaborated later)
  • /shop alias <item>
    • show the itemname, with a list of aliases


  • BetterShop.user.*
    • Allows the user to use the list, sell, buy, and help commands
  • BetterShop.admin.*
    • Allows the user to use the add, remove, and load commands

There are other nodes that allow only more specific permissions, but I recommend using the above.

  • BetterShop.user.list
    • look through shop listing of prices
  • BetterShop.user.check
    • check the price of item(s)
    • view ingame help menu
    • buy items from the shop
  • BetterShop.user.sell
    • sell items to the shop
  • BetterShop.user.spout
    • for spout screen access
  • BetterShop.admin.add
    • add/edit items to/in the shop
  • BetterShop.admin.remove
    • remove items from the shop
  • BetterShop.admin.load
    • reload configuration & pricelist
    • show shop stats (only version number right now)
  • BetterShop.admin.illegal
    • gives the ability to purchase 'illegal' items
  • BetterShop.admin.backup
    • backing up and restoring the pricelist
  • BetterShop.admin.restock
    • manually restock (if item stock is enabled)
  • BetterShop.admin.makesign
    • make/remove a bettershop sign
  • BetterShop.admin.region
    • define/remove shop regions
  • BetterShop.admin.chests
    • define/remove chest shops


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