BetterLeads adds better leash functionality for survival and roleplay servers.

The primary functionality this Plugin adds is the ability to create large caravans by using leads to rope together multiple creatures. We accomplish this by allowing the players to attach leash ends to mobs instead of just fence posts. The Plugin also allows players to leash hostile mobs like Creepers, Spiders, and Skeletons!

The secondary functionality of this plugin is the ability to protect leashes and pets from players who don't have access! This means you no longer need to worry about that pesky neighbor stealing your horses when you're offline, or that bothersome griefer killing all of your pets when you've worked so hard to attain them all.

Special thanks to IngrownPenguin for featuring my plugin!

How To

If you've never used a lead before, all you have to do is right click on your target entity with a lead in your hand, and to attach it to another entity or fence post with yet another right click.

That's all there is to it!


  • "global.allowed_mobs" defines what mobs are affected by this plugin, by default all mobs are affected.

  • "ownership.enabled" defines whether or not ownership of tameable mobs is required to be able to place a leash on them, by default this is false.

  • "ownership.prevent-damage.entity" defines whether or not a tamed mob can be damaged by players who are not the owner, by default this is false.

  • "ownership.prevent-damage.block" defines whether or not Fencepost can be damaged by players who are not the owner of the mob tied to it, by default this is false.

    Notice: When upgrading to V0.0.5 and forward, please delete your old config! I've refactored the configuration file to be more expandable in the future.


  • "betterleads.admin" allows a user to interact with and override other users Buddylists


  • "/addbuddy <player> (<player>)" adds a user to your / a users Buddylist

  • "/removebuddy <player> (<player>)" removes a user to your / a users Buddylist

  • "/buddylist (<player>)" lists users in your / a users Buddylist

    Notice: Buddylist commands are disabled if ownership is set to false in the config.

Planned Features

  • Support for other Plugins (Factions, PetCreeper and etc.)


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