Combat in minecraft has always been little more then -who can click the fastest- so I'm bringing an end to click spamming with BetterCombat. With this plugin your sword or fists have to "recharge" after every hit. Also hits that aren't fully charged will not damage a player that is blocking at all. These tweaks to combat seem very simple but they have a huge effect to the gameplay. Click spamming is no longer the best way to win a fight and blocking finally has a use.


  • Configurable time for weapons to charge
  • When not fully charged the amount of damage is equal to the percentage charged
  • When not fully charged attacks can be blocked
  • Works for all non-ranged weapons (including fists)
  • More powerful attacks to compensate slower hitting


Charge time: 20 # time it takes for your weapon to fully charge, 1 = 1/10th of a second so default is 2 seconds
Damage modifier: 1.8 # 1.0 = default damage
Recharge effect: STEP_SOUND.8
# Plays effect STEP_SOUND with data value 8. Full list of effects on
Play effect for everyone: false
Only affect players: false
Healthbar display: false
# Healthbar display is best used with a plugin like






v0.5: - Option to show the weapon charge in the health bar (renders food useless unless combined with an instant-heath plugin !)

v0.4: - Option to only affect damaging players

v0.3: - Customisable recharge effect

- Option to have the recharge effect visible for everyone

v0.2: - added damage modifier

v0.1: - first release



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