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Thank you for 1000 Downloads. This is a BIG Milestone for me!

Ever hated it when you go into /vanish with essentials and try to troll your friends but they see the particles and know it is you. Or maybe you want to actually troll them. Well with this plugin installed you can toggle your vanish with one command and potion particles won't pop up. This works with usernames as well. For example typing /vanish sebagius7110 would turn that player's vanish on, and tell them.



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For the config if you are using the plugin just for the normal commands, change the messages under the plugin section. If you use the API to make your own plugin to toggle a player's vanish, edit those messages! The color codes are documented on the essentials webpage: Color Codes And use '%player%' without quotes to get a Player's name!

Permissions and Commands

Permissions and Commands

Have a plugin that adds Vanish?

Plugins that add vanish fix tutorial


API tutorial

Java versions

Currently the plugin is compiled for Java 7. If you need the plugin compiled for Java 8 or the upcoming Java 9. Please post it in the comments.


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