Better Snow

Better snow


This plugin basically allows snow to "go through" leaves and set on leaves that are under and on ground under trees.


  • When snowing, the snow placed on leaves will be placed under as well
  • Automatically places snow under already-placed snow on leaves


  1. Download jar and place it in your plugins folder. (

Having issues, bugs, problems ?

If you have any issues or found some bugs, please create a ticket.

Source code

Source code is, as always, in the jar file.

Change log

See changelog in the download for now, I'll put up a full changelog once it's out of beta.

To do list

  • Improve performance
  • More options for snow gap filling: on chunk load (current behaviour), slow and constantly always, slow and constantly only when it snows
  • Add configurable chance to drop snow whenever snow is mined with a shovel
  • Add configurable blocks that shouldn't have snow on them
  • Add configurable blocks that should allow the snow to 'pass through'


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