Better Mobs & Bosses

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Better-Mob & Bosses

Better Mobs is a Plugin that will change the feeling of Minecraft! Harder, Cooler, Funnier!

Important: Better-mobs-and-Bosses now runs without EffectLib3.0


New Game Mechanics [WIP]

  • Changes Blocking
  • Changes Knockback
  • Improvement of Knockback Enchantment
  • Sharpness for a Fishing Rod
  • Knockback for a Fishing Rod

New Enchantments

  • Blunt (-0.75 Damage)
  • Counter (The damage can be reflected if you are blocking)
  • Endering (Teleports you forward)
  • Explode (Field damage)
  • Frostric (Chance to slow the Enemy or makes Ice)
  • Haste (You can hit faster or run Faster)
  • Heavy (You can hit slower)
  • Magic (Small amount of instant Damage)
  • Shield (You will get less Damage if you are blocking)
  • Vampire (Small amount of healing if you hit someone)


  • Poison (Poisons the Enemy)
  • Milky (Chance Clears all Effekts of the Enemy)
  • Bloody (+1 Damage, Bloody Levels up after 100 kills)
  • Withering (Withers the Enemy)
  • Epic (Just to Troll someone)
  • Expert (Like Looting, but just for XP)
  • Shadow (Shoots a Dark Strom if you Right click)
  • Stretch (Faster Arrows)
  • Flash (Makes a Flash or makes Light)
  • Homing (Gives the Arrow a homing effect)
  • Smeling (Smelts sometimes the Ore for you or burn down Enemy┬┤s when you get Damage)
  • Steel (Knockback reduction)
  • Feather Light (You take More Knockback and you fall like a Feather)
  • Jump (Gives a Jumpboost)
  • Bloody Striks (Doubbles the Damage, but just for an Axe)

New Mobs

  • Miner Zombie
  • Thief Zombie
  • Throw Zombie
  • Powerful Skeleton
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Gravity Skeleton
  • Fast Spider
  • Weaving Spider
  • Laser Spider
  • Speed Creeper
  • Gravity Creeper
  • Rocket Creeper
  • Soul of a Potato/Carrot/Wheat/Pumpkin/Melon
  • Lucky Pig

New Bosses

Additional Features

  • Lucky Pig can drop a secret item
  • Friendly Mobs can now explode or give the Hunger effect
  • XP Bank (can be turned off in the Config)


Each Enchantment has a Permission:

  • bmab.enchant.counter
  • bmab.enchant.blunt


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