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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Welcome to Better AntiSpam. This plugin is a anti spam plugin, which blocks BlacklistedWords from the "WordBlackList.yml" or Block URLs. Do you want to use only the blacklisted words? No problem in the "config.yml" you can enable/disable the seperate protions. You speek German or another language? No problem! In this Plugin there is a very big "messages.yml" where you can change ALL MESSAGES! The chat is full or there are spam messages? Clear the global chat with /CC? Want to clear your own chat? No problem use /pcc! All Commands need a permission (see down). Also there are permissions for the global mute bypass. To write when the global Chat is muted.

  • Mute the global Chat (/gmute)
  • Mute single players (/mute <player>)
  • Clear the global chat (/cc)
  • Your Chat is full? Clear it private with /pcc/
  • Protect your server from not allowed words (WordBlacklist.yml)
  • Protect your server from URLs (Can be disabled)
  • 7<command> protect (Can be disabled)
  • and more is coming soon...

  • /betterantispam - main command
  • /betterantispam help - see the commands
  • /betterantispam reload - reload the Plugin
  • /gmute - mute the global chat
  • /mute - mutes a specific player
  • /cc - clear the global chat
  • /pcc - clears you own chat

You can use /bas or /as instead /betterantispam!

more coming soon... like:

  • /adminchat - Admin Chat
  • /supportchat - Support Chat

  • betterantispam.command.reload - Need to use the /bas reload command
  • betterantispam.command.gmute - Need to use the /gmute command
  • betterantispam.command.mute - Need to mute single players with /mute
  • betterantispam.command.chatclear - Need to clear the global chat with /cc
  • betterantispam.command.privatechatclear - Need to use the /pcc command
  • betterantispam.command.gmute.bypass
  • betterantispam.command.mute.bypass

There is a big configuration were you can enable/disable the URL/Expression protection. You can change all messages. You can add and delete words to the "WordBlackList".


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