BetonQuest v1.8


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    Feb 13, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9
  • 1.8


BetonQuest v1.8


  • As always in big updates, compatibility with plugins hooking into BetonQuest is broken.
    You need to check if everything is working.


  • Die objective now reacts to death caused by other plugins
  • Static events now are started correctly
  • Static events now are canceled correctly
  • Action objective now correctly checks locations
  • Combat tag is removed after death
  • Block, Craft and MythicMobs MobKill objectives now correctly save data
  • Take event now correctly takes items from inventory, armor slots and backpack


  • New variable system in conversations (check out the documentation)
  • More options for journal, including one entry per page and removing date
  • Compatibility with mcMMO (level condition and experience event)
  • Compatibility with EffectLib ('particle' event, NPC particles)
  • Compatibility with PlayerPoints (points event and condition)
  • Compatibility with Heroes (class and skill condition, experience event,
    Heroes kills in 'mobkill' objective)
  • Compatibility with Magic ('wand' condition)
  • Compatibility with Denizen (running task scripts with 'script' event)
  • Compatibility with SkillAPI (class and level condition)
  • Compatibility with Quests (checking for done quests, starting them,
    custom event reward, custom condition requirement)
  • Optional prefix for conversations (contributed by Jack McKalling)
  • Optional material for buttons in "chest" conversation IO
  • Configurable main page in the journal
  • New argument in objectives: "persistent" - makes them repeat after completing
  • New condition 'check' - allows for specifying multiple instructions in one
  • New condition 'objective' - checks if the player has an active objective
  • New condition 'score' - check scores on scoreboards
  • New condition 'chestitem' - checks if a chest contains items
  • New event 'run' - allows for specifying multiple instructions in one
  • New event 'givejournal' - gives journal to the player
  • New event 'sudo' - forces the player to run a command
  • New event 'compass' - point player's compass to a location
  • New event 'cancel' - cancels a quest (as in main.yml)
  • New event 'score' - modify scores on scoreboards
  • New events 'chestgive', 'chesttake' and 'chestclear' - put and remove items in chests
  • New objective 'logout' - the player needs to leave the server
  • New objective 'password' - the player needs to type the password in the chat
  • New objective 'fish' - catching fish
  • New objective 'enchant' - enchanting an item
  • New objective 'shear' - shearing a sheep
  • New objective 'chestput' - putting items in a chest
  • New objective 'potion' - brewing a potion
  • New commands: /cancelquest and /compass - directly open backpack sub-pages
  • New subcommand '/q delete' - delete all specific tags/points/objectives/entries
  • New subcommand '/q rename' - rename all specific tags/points/objectives/entries
  • New subcommand '/q give' - gives you an item from items.yml


  • Administrative messages are now English-only in new installations
  • Journal event can remove entries from the journal
  • In conversations, %quester% variable changed to %npc%
  • In inventory GUI there is NPC's text in every option, for convenience
  • Conversations can point to NPC options in other conversations within the package
  • You can use spaces between events, conditions and pointers in conversations
  • All tags and points are internally associated with a package now
  • Some conditions are now static and persistent (just like events)
  • Point event can now multiply points
  • Vault Money event can now multiply money
  • Journal event can now use "update" argument for updating variables on the main page
  • Packages can now be moved to another directories
  • Quest cancelers are now defined in a more convenient way
  • /q command renamed to /betonquest, /j to /journal; previous forms are now aliases
  • Conditions and events in objective instructions (and conditions in event instructions)
    can now be defined with "condition:" and "event:" argument (without "s" at the end)
  • Removing journal entries from the database doesn't work
  • MobKill objective incorrectly handles kills
  • Nested package names are incorrectly resolved
  • The formatting at the end of every main page line is not reset
  • Apache dependency problem
  • Material name is displayed in "chest" GUI conversations
  • Broken "notify" option in give/take events