BetonQuest v1.7


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    Jul 17, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8
  • 1.8.3


BetonQuest v1.7


  • BetonQuest no longer supports servers without UUID handling
  • There were a lot of changes since previous version, check carefully if everything is working
  • Compatibility with plugins hooking INTO BetonQuest is broken, they need to update


  • Objectives no longer mysteriously double events
  • Greatly improved performance in almost every aspect
  • Finally fixed issues with special characters on some servers
  • Fixed database saving/loading issues
  • Fixed player options in conversations being white on next lines when using tellraw


  • Quest canceling system
  • New inventory GUI for conversations
  • Added the "random" parameter in "folder" event - choose randomly X events to fire
  • Action objective can be "canceled" - the click will not do anything
  • Added "static events" mechanism for firing events at specified time of the day
  • Optional message when the player is pulled back by stop option
  • Optional message for take and give events
  • Optional message when advancing in "block" and "mobkill" objectives
  • Variable system for quick changing quest parameters (for example location of a quest)
  • "/q vector" command for easy calculating location vector variables
  • New "empty" condition - amount of empty inventory slots
  • New "party" condition - manages the conditions in the party
  • New "monsters" condition - true if there are monsters in the area
  • New "clear" event - kills specified monsters in the area
  • New "region" objective - reach WorldGuard region
  • Blacklist of commands which cannot be used while in conversation
  • Option to disable compatibility with other plugins
  • Added remove_items_after_respawn option - for servers using keepInventory gamerule


  • The plugin now uses package system: configuration has been moved into "default" package
  • Objectives has returned to "objectives.yml" - it's improving performance
  • The database is now updated in real time
  • All quests can (but don't have to) be translated into multiple languages
  • Players can change their language with /questlang command
  • Conversations with stop option are resumed when the player logs out and in again
  • Metrics are now toggled in PluginMetrics/config.yml
  • All conditions, events, objectives, conversations etc. are loaded when the plugin starts/reloads
  • Citizens NPC will stop when talked to
  • Quest blocks cannot be placed, quest items will not break
  • Conversations cannot be started while in combat
  • Cannot fight while in conversation
  • Tellraw conversations no longer spam the console
  • Mobs can be spawned with a name (spawnmob event, "name:" argument)
  • /q command is now more beautiful
  • Removed unnecessary argument prefixes from conditions and events
  • Removed "tag:" from objective instruction strings
  • Conversations no longer need those empty lines everywhere ('')
  • Dependencies updated: WorldGuard/WorldEdit 6.1, MythicMobs 2.0.4
  • Quests are loaded before other plugins can register their types, so custom events/conditions/objectives do not work until someone uses "/q reload" (it loads the quests when the custom types are registered)
  • Journal condition does not work

The bugs above have been fixed in 1.7.1