BetonQuest v1.6


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    Mar 16, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3


BetonQuest v1.6


  • Items given by event that don't fit in the inventory will now drop instead of being deleted
    This does not apply to quest items, they will be added to backpack
  • Events fired from conversations won't throw async errors
  • Conversation can be started after plugin's reload without relogging
  • /q reload no longer lags the server
  • Corrected description in /q command
  • Added input validation for global locations - if event is incorrect it will display an error
    instead of breaking the whole functionality
  • The plugin should run fine on machines not supporting some special characters
  • Inverted item condition now behave correctly
  • Time condition now checks time correctly


  • Added backpack for storing quest items, which cannot be dropped in any way
  • Added database backups
  • Added prefix for the database. New installations will use "betonquest_" prefix for tables,
    existing configuration will use empty prefix to maintain compatibility with other programs
  • Players can chat while in conversations by prefixing their messages with '#' character
  • New "random" condition - true with specified probability
  • New "sneak" condition - true if player is sneaking
  • New "journal" condition - true if player has journal entry
  • New "testforblock" condition - true if block at given location matches given material
  • New "arrow" objective - completed when arrow hits the specified target
  • New "experience" objective - completed when player reaches certain level
  • New "npcinteract" objective - completed when player right-clicks Citizens NPC
  • New "damage" event - damages the player
  • Skript support (event, effect and condition)
  • WorldGuard support (region condition)
  • Errors are logged to the "error.log" file in "logs" directory
  • Debug option in config.yml for logging plugin's activity to "debug.log" file
  • New commands for opening backpack: b, bb, backpack, bbackpack or betonbackpack
  • Items are now aware of leather armor color, head owner and enchantments in books


  • Added and changed a lot of subcommands in /q command:
    • event and condition can be run for every online player
    • tag, point, objective and (new) journal can edit every (even offline) player
    • config (new) can set configuration files from command line
    • backup (new) backups the whole configuration and database
  • Folder event now runs these events even after the player logs out: command, tag, objective,
    delete, point, setblock
  • Changed /j command to open the backpack instead of just giving the journal
  • Tellraw clicking on options in conversation now ignores old (used) options
  • Using color codes in journal entries is now possible
  • Give/take events and item condition can now check for multiple items with syntax 'give
  • Give/take events and item/hand conditions can now check for items only without
    enchantments/effects/name/lore etc.
  • Inverting condition is now done by prefixing their name with "!" (in the place where you use
    them, like conversation, not in conditions.yml)
  • Configuration updater is no longer based on plugin's version
  • Backup files are now kept in "backups" directory, old ones are moved to it
  • Changed internal structure of the code (may matter to developers - QuestEvent, Condition
    and Objective classes has been moved from "core" package to "api", update your imports)
  • There is a bug/feature in 1.8 which adds '§0' at the end of every line in books generated
    by plugins. This breaks the conditions/events based on books with more than one line of text.
    The detailed instruction on how to work it around is in "Other important stuff" chapter, in
    the part about items.
  • If using MySQL to store data, there will be an error every time the plugin tries to save journal. Fixed in 1.6.1