Beloved Blocks

Some of the blocks provided by this plugin

The 1.8 version of minecraft has removed the items that corresponds to some unobtainables blocks in survival. Although their corresponding items doesn't exist anymore, the blocks still exist. You can place them by doing a /setblock command with some metadata arguments.

This plugin instances new items that transforms themselves into the desired special block when placed by a player.

Compatibility: 1.8.3 to 1.11, for both CraftBukkit and Spigot.

↓ Download links ↓

BukkitDev stable 1.2.1 · Github stable 1.2.2 · Dev. version 1.2.2

GitHub and Jenkins builds are not checked by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risks.

We'll continue to add more blocks in the next versions, like mushrooms (all versions)!

Don't hesitate to post here as a comment or on GitHub any block you wish to have in this plugin for the next version :) .


Each seamless block is represented by a similar item with a glowing enchantment effect (that can be disabled for each block in the configuration). They also have a custom name (also configurable). The crafts are the same for the four blocks:

Crafting recipes for the stone smooth blocks

The smooth log blocks can also be crafted using the same process, except with wooden logs:

Crafting recipes for the smooth logs

You are also able to craft Nether portals...

Crafts for the nether portal

...and End ones. (The amounts given for each crafting recipe can be changed in the configuration.)

Crafting recipe for end portals

Those crafts can be disabled.

All those items can be salvaged to get the materials back (except portals); simply place an item in a crafting grid.



The stonecutter is a tool that can smooth any of the three double slabs blocks. To use it, simply right click with this tool on the wished block and it will permute to a smooth block. Each use will decrease the item's durability by 1. The unbreaking enchantment does work when applied. The stonecutter can be crafted like shears in exceptions that the iron is replaced by diamonds:

Craft of the stonecutter

The craft can be disabled.

The basic double slabs block → the seamless version of the blocks:


The process can be reverted (use the tool on a smooth block to turn it back into the original block).


The saw is a tool that can move the bark around any of the six log blocks. To use it, simply right click with this tool on the wished log block to move the bark. The bark can have 4 different positions (tree of them follows, the tree axes and one has bark all around the texture). Each use will decrease the item's durability by 1. The unbreaking enchantment does work when applied. The saw can be crafted like this (the symmetric craft also works):

Craft for the saw

The craft can be disabled.

Note: When breaking blocks with the saw, it has a small chance to break. This percentage can be modified in the configuration.

Commands & permissions


A few commands allow you to get the tools and blocks added by this plugin.

The main command is /belovedblocks, or /bb (an alias).

  • /bb give tool <stonecutter|saw> [receiver]: gives the needed tool to you, or to the receiver.
  • /bb give block <name> [amount] [receiver]: gives the blocks of BelovedBlocks to you (or to the receiver), where name is one of the following:
    • stone, sandstone, red-sandstone, quartz;
    • oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark-oak;
    • portal-nether, end-portal.

Tip: use autocompletion.


The permissions follows this logic: belovedblocks.<give/use/craft>.<blocks/tools>.<item>[.<self/other>]

As example:

  • to allow someone to give to himself only some smooth red sandstone, use the permission;
  • to allow someone to give any block to anyone, use belovedblocks.give.blocks.*.

You can also check out the full permissions list here.


The plugin can be configured using the config.yml file (it can be found at /plugins/BelovedBlocks/config.yml in your server's folder or here on GitHub).

Issues, suggestions and source code

The source and the issues are hosted by GitHub. Click below to access the repository!
By the way, please add an issue on GitHub if you have a suggestion or a bug report :) .


Git repository of this plugin


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