An easy way to teleport back to your bed

Have you ever been outside of your base and just realized that it is turning nighttime, but couldn't run because you were too far from base or mobs were blocking your way? Now you do not need to worry, BedSpawn is a simple plugin that allows you to type /bed in the chat and get to your bed. BedSpawn.jar is only 2kb and takes almost no space.The plugin is very easy to install. Enjoy!

[NOTES] - Other people may have done similar things, and some other plugins may do very similar things. I did a search on and saw only one plugin that is like this, but it is outdated. The author of the plugin is named Freman, his plugin is for R.1, this plugin is for R.4. I am still the original author of this plugin, and took no code from Freman.

Accepting suggestions (don't be too sure I will do it, I am new to java, and Bukkit, and this was only a test plugin that was nice and happened to work)

To use: Download the .jar and put into your /plugins folder. DONE! In-game help: Place a bed, sleep in it, done! Now, type /bed and it should bring you back. If you do not sleep in your bed, you will get an Internal error, as stated in known caveats.

Support Me!

If you like my plugin and my work, you can donate. All donations are welcome, and will be used for developing purposes.

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