BeastWithdraw (Multy withdraw)

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Withdraw xp to XpBottle.
Withdraw money to CasNote.
Withdraw custom limits per permissions
Play sounds when player uses withdraw or redeem
Formatted amount for values on item.
Option to disable using withdraw items in crafting and trading with villager
Data stored as NBT tags
Grate configuration options.
Soon more new things.
We accept suggestion

If you will be adding withdraw items to Kits ,Koth or something similar your plugin need to support NBT data storing

Download jar file put to your Plugins folder.
Money withdraw has dependency for economy plugin like
EssentialsX and Vault.
After that you can run your server and set up you config files and you are good to go.

  • /XpBottle <xp> <bottle-amount> or <all> - Withdraw your xp to a bottle (Withdraw levels by adding 'l' /XpBottle 10L)!
  • /XpBottle <level> - Withdraw your xp to a bottle (Withdraw levels by /XpBottle 10L) it will be automatically recalculated to xp! 
  • /Withdraw <cash> <note-amount> or <all> - Withdraw your cash to a note!"
  • /BeastWithdraw giveXpBottle <player> <xp> <amount> <enchanter> - Give an XP-Bottle to a player. (<amount> and <enchanter> are optional!)
  • /BeastWithdraw giveXpBottleAll <xp> <amount> <enchanter> - Give an XP-Bottle to all players online. (<amount> and <enchanter> are optional!)
  • /BeastWithdraw giveCashNote <player> <cash> <amount> <signer> - Give an Cash-Note to a player. (<amount> and <signer> are optional!)
  • /BeastWithdraw giveCashNoteAll <cash> <amount> <signer> - Give an Cash-Note to all player online. (<amount> and <signer> are optional!)
  • /BeastWithdraw reload - To reload the plugin!
  • /BeastWithdraw version - To check version!
  • /BeastWithdraw help - For Help! 



  • BeastWithdraw.XpBottle.Withdraw - Permission to use /XpBottle
  • BeastWithdraw.CashNote.Withdraw - Permission to use /Withdraw
  • BeastWithdraw.XpBottle.Redeem - Permission to consume bottle with xp.
  • BeastWithdraw.CashNote.Redeem - Permission to consume cash note.
  • BeastWithdraw.XpBottle.Withdraw.All - Allows players to withdraw all xp.
  • BeastWithdraw.CashNote.Withdraw.All - Allows players to withdraw all money.
  • BeastWithdraw.XpBottle.Bypass.Fee - Allows player to by pass xp withdraw fee.
  • BeastWithdraw.XpBottle.Bypass.Tax - Allows player to by pass xp withdraw tax.
  • BeastWithdraw.CashNote.Bypass.Fee - Allows player to by pass cash withdraw fee.
  • BeastWithdraw.CashNote.Bypass.Tax - Allows player to by pass cash withdraw tax.
  • BeastWithdraw.XpBottle.Drop - Permission to Drop Xp to bottle on Death.
  • BeastWithdraw.Admin - Permission to use Staff Commands.



Code (Java):
Soon custom events :)



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