BeardAch 0.5 Apricot


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    Mar 28, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


This is a public beta test

do a backup if your gonna try this on a production system!

!Not fully tested! Some bugs may be present.

Suggestions and bug reports are welcome.
With bug reports please provide stack traces and configuration files if needed.

Changelog (basic)

  • Achievements now stored in separate file as JSON, should auto convert from yaml to json.
    • yes the file is bigger, but it won't break if I add new things to a trigger, and allows the next feature
  • New fancy html based achievement editor, unpacked to plugins/BeardAch/editor, please test it out and report bugs and suggestions.
  • Bug fixes for sql stability
  • added command check trigger

Changelog (technical):

  • Moved achievement configuration storage to JSON
    • Should automatically convert old config to new
    • No more nasty yaml strings of death,
    • Makes it easier to keep forwards and backwards compatibility, allowing triggers/rewards to be improved over time without it killing configs.
  • Added a fancy html based achievement editor (beta)
    • Tested in firefox and Chrome on windows
    • If you use I.E and complain, I hope you step on a lego.
    • Held under plugins/BeardAch/editor
    • settings.js is generated by the plugin, and describes how to make the UI's for editing the triggers/rewards
    • Support for addon triggers/rewards built into this
  • Broke compatability with old addons
    • Breakage needed to enforce changeover
    • Triggers and rewards should use @Expose on fields that should be saved. @EditorField is used by the plugin to generate the UI, look to the built in triggers/rewards for examples, and contact me if needs be :)
  • Removed help file generation, didn't really work
  • Fortify the sql data adapter to try and stop connection loss causing crashing errors.
  • Add command check trigger, this is fired from the commandpreprocessevent (i.e. Before the command is processed)
  • New build system for plugin, less work for me to add triggers and rewards
  • The built in cuboid trigger (NOT WORLDGUARD REGION TRIGGER) currently only fires during an achievement check cycle/when another trigger causes a check. This will be fixed in a future patch. This issue might extend to speedrun and koth triggers.