Hey you! Tired of those silly, kill x zombies "achievements" other plugins let you make?
Well this is the plugin for you! BeardAch is an achievemnts plugin built the right way.
Designed to be a framework to build upon, BeardAch works on the principle of Triggers and Rewards.
Triggers define the unlock conditions for an achievement, rewards what a player gets.

Want an achievement for killing 30 creepers and 20 skeletons? Easy. Auto rank up players based on play time? No problem. Award players an exploration achievement for visiting a temple on the edge of the map? Of course. Want to reward those who've donated to your server? Done.
With BeardAch, achievements are simple to make, no matter how hard they are for players to achieve.

Dumpling is out!

The newest version of BeardAch has just been released, With it a host of bug fixes, features and additions!
Check out Dumpling today! Config
Jenkins (Dev. builds)


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