bChatManager - The easy to use chat manager for bukkit

What is this?

bChatManager is an easy to use chat plugin for bukkit. Now supporting any plugin that works with vault, it has a number of features such as:

  • Supports most plugins that provide prefixes
  • Intuitive messaging format based off the twitter @messaging system
  • Factions support

bChatManager was originally forked off the PEX ChatManager, so users coming from pex may vaguely recognise the config file. (even though I completely reworked it)

Installation and Usage


  • Vault
  • Craftbukkit


Once you've installed the plugin (which I'm not going to go into here, if you can't put a jar file in a folder then god help you), you may want to configure it. Here is the default config.

    message-format: '%prefix %player: &f%message'
    local-message-format: '[LOCAL] %prefix %player: &f%message'
    personal-message-format: '[MSG] [%player -> %reciever] &f%message'
    op-message-format: '&c[OPS ONLY] %player: &f%message'
    me-format: '* %player %message'
    control-me: true
    ranged-mode: false
    special-features: true
    chat-range: 100.0


  • message format: Format of a global chat message
  • local-message-format: Format of a local chat message.
  • personal-message-format: Format of the @messaging messages
  • me-format: Format for /me
  • op-message-format: Op only message format


  • control-me: Toggle whether bChatManager should handle /me
  • ranged-mode: Toggles local messages. Doesn't work with chat channels.
  • special-featues: Toggles whether @messaging and !global messaging in local chat should be enabled,


  • chat-range: If local chat is enabled, this sets how far the players can speak

Special Chat Functions

  • !message - Sends a message globally. Only useful in ranged mode.
  • @playername message - Sends a private message to another player on the server. Can autocomplete the name, so if you have someonee called "OmG_CoMpleX1234" you could just do @omg message to message them. You can also message ops with @ops message.

Formatting Placeholders

  • %message - Message text
  • %player - Player's name
  • %prefix - Player's prefix
  • %suffix - Player's suffix
  • %group - Player's group
  • %world - World the player is in
  • %mvworld - Multiverse formatted world tag. Requires bChatManager 3.1 and Multiverse core
  • %faction - the faction the player is in. Requires factions 2.0
  • %displayname - displayname of the player. USE THIS FOR ESSENTIALS NICKS
  • Colors you can use - http:www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Classic_server_protocol#Color_Codes for the colors. Alternatively, try this site - http://buildworx-mc.com/bukkitColor/
  • &l - bold text
  • &m - striked text
  • &n - underlined text
  • &o - italic text

Permissions nodes

  • bchatmanager.chat.global - allows you to use global chat in local chat
  • bchatmanager.chat.color - allows you to color chat
  • bchatmanager.chat.message - allows you to @message someone
  • bchatmanager.spy - 1.3.2 feature, allows you to hear all PM's and local messages


  • /me <message> - the /me command
  • /bchatreload (must have the permissions bchatmanager.reload or be op) - Reloads bChatManager

Why did you remove the chat channels?

The way I had implemented chat channels was terrible. It was buggy, the code was convulted and messy, and I really should't have released it. Chat channels have therefore been removed from bChatManager 3.0 until I can implement them in a more robust fashion.


Older versions of bChatManager had a anonymous plugin stats tool called MCStats built into bChatManager. If you're using one of these older versions, and wish to disable it, find the PluginMetrics folder in your plugins folder and edit the config.yml to disable the stats :). If you wish to see these stats, they are publically avaliable https://mcstats.org/plugin/bChatManager. All the information there is the information that gets sent. Nothing else.

Video Tutorial (Thanks to BukkitTeacher)


Latest version is 3.0. Download from http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/bchatmanager/files/26-bchat-manager-v3-1-4/ today!

Development builds of this project can now be acquired at the provided continuous integration server located at http://rymatemc.co.uk/jenkins/job/bChatManager/

These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

Source code!

My github is at https://github.com/rymate1234/bChatManager Feel free to fork me :P

The bottom bit

Any suggestions on how I can improve this plugin? Post in the comments! And if you need any help, also feel free to post on the forums section of this :)


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