Information on the Beta

The beta of bChatManager is here!

Yes, the rumours are true. I have released a beta of bChatManager for the whole world to use!

Preliminary information.

This is BETA software - there are going to be bugs in it. If you find a bug, report it so I can fix it! :D



To install it, just drag the jar file to the plugins folder and restart the server. Then you may optionally configure it.

Config File

    display-name-format: '%player'
    message-format: '%prefix %player: &f%message'
    local-message-format: '[LOCAL] %prefix %player: &f%message'
    personal-message-format: '[FROM] %prefix %player ---> &f%message'
    alert-format: '&c[ALERT] &f%message'
    me-format: '* %player %message'
    op-message-format: '&c[OPS ONLY] %player: &f%message'
    control-me: true
    ranged-mode: false
    chat-channels: true
    chat-range: 100.0
    default-channel: "global"
    channel-limit: 0
    channel-chat-format: '&2[%channel] %prefix %player: &f%message'
  • chat-range - sets the range people can hear you if ranged-mode is true
  • display-name-format - Format of a players display name
  • message-format - Format of a chat message.
  • local-message-format - Format of local chat messages
  • personal-message format - This sets the format of private messages.
  • ranged-mode - this mode means that only players in a certain range can hear you.
  • alert-format - this allows you to send an alert to the players. Its supposed to be used as a way to alert them of news, not just chatting globally.
  • control-me - this sets whether the plugin controls /me or not
  • me-format - this sets the formatting of /me
  • chat-channels - this enables or disables the channels feature :3
  • default-channel - name of the default chat channel
  • channel-limit - unused
  • channel-chat-format - format of chat when channels are used.
  • op-message-format - messages to ops only


  • /join <channel> - Joins a channel!
  • /leave <channel> - leaves a channel
  • /focus <channel> - Focuses a channel!
  • /bchatreload (must have the permissions bchatmanager.reload or be op) - Reloads bChatManager


Click here to download!


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