No special features work in VAULTRECODE version #18

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  • _ForgeUser6943922 created this issue Feb 18, 2013

    I have the following issues with the VAULTRECODE version:
    - Shout and @ break all chat handling and formatting
    - not applying suffixes from bPermissions (prefixes work though)
    - not applying ranged mode
    - not applying colors from player's displayname set in NameTags plugin (I assume this is what the separate %displayname variable is for)
    - No errors are in the log

    All of those things worked in 2.0.1 except:
    - @ breaks and reverts your message to global
    - Log has this error: Could not pass event AsyncPlayerChatEvent to bChatManager v2.0 org.bukkit.event.EventException

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  • _ForgeUser6943922 added an attachment Feb 18, 2013

    <p>config files</p>

  • jesster1234 posted a comment Feb 18, 2013

    Ignored "known caveats" of vault recode alpha file.

    Solution: Bold text and clearer description.


  • _ForgeUser6943922 posted a comment Feb 18, 2013

    It said "NONE OF THE BCHATMANAGER FEATURES EXCEPT CHAT FORMATTING ARE FUNCTIONAL." I figured the suffixes fall under formatting considering that prefixes are working

  • jesster1234 posted a comment Feb 18, 2013

    @Zolcos: Go

    I'm genuinely confused as to why suffixes aren't working. I just checked my code:

        public String replacePlayerPlaceholders(Player player, String format) {
            String worldName = player.getWorld().getName();
            return format.replace("%prefix", chat.getPlayerPrefix(player))
                    .replace("%suffix", chat.getPlayerSuffix(player))
                    .replace("%world", worldName)
                    .replace("%player", player.getName())
                    .replace("%displayname", player.getDisplayName());

    and I did implement suffixes. Uh, ticket reopened.

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  • _ForgeUser6943922 posted a comment Feb 18, 2013

    I've attached my configs. In this case my format lines actually put the suffix before the name because I use it for faction color codes so they can be managed separately from staff tags. For the user 'zolcos' it should be showing the green color from the 'sylvanian' group, but it only works in 2.0.1

  • jesster1234 posted a comment Feb 18, 2013

    @Zolcos: Go


    I'll look at it in the morning when I'm not so tired :)

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