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  • _ForgeUser8667406 created this issue Sep 5, 2012

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    I just switched from essentials chat to bchat.
    The suffixes are working fine, but the prefixes are not.  There is a random number/letter in front of them.  I believe its the number/letter from the color code.  As the & got erased.

    Here is my bchat config:
    Here is my groups.yml:

    And btw, the prefixes are added in the users.yml
    AND a random number/letter appears before a players faction name.

  • _ForgeUser8667406 added the tags New Defect Sep 5, 2012
  • _ForgeUser8667406 posted a comment Sep 5, 2012

    I removed &prefix from from the message format and the first letter of a players name appears before a faction name,

  • jesster1234 posted a comment Sep 5, 2012

    Sounds like it might be a factions issue then. Pastebin the factions config?

  • _ForgeUser8667406 posted a comment Sep 5, 2012
    And for the record, people can kill and grief in other claimed factions.  I know this is bchat, but i cant get a reply anywhere else :P
    And ive searched the config multiple times but no answer

  • _ForgeUser8667406 posted a comment Sep 5, 2012

    When my config was like this:
    The prefixes showed, but not the suffixes >.<

    There was still an a infront of the faction name, and a 2 in front of the global prefix

    Sorry if im overwelming you, just trying to give you all the info i can so you can fix it.

    Edited Sep 5, 2012
  • jesster1234 posted a comment Sep 5, 2012

    "chatTagReplaceString": "[FACTION]",

    Try putting [FACTION] in your bChatManager config

  • _ForgeUser8667406 posted a comment Sep 6, 2012

    So far so good.

  • _ForgeUser8667406 posted a comment Sep 6, 2012

    Oh but /nick doesn't work
    ( From essentials )

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