BBLottery is a lottery - nothing more, nothing less. It features multiple tickets for the lottery, some stats about the lottery, configuration of the intervall a ticketnumber is drawn, the initial pot, the ticketrange,price and tax and how many tickets may be bought.


intervall: The time between drawings in minutes
pot: The inital jackpot, every time someone wins, it gets reset to this amount
range: The ticket-range, the higher this number, the less likey it is that the lottery is won (each ticket has a chance of 1/range to win)
maxTickets: How many tickets a player may buy per round
ticketPrice: How much a ticket costs
tax: Tax on the tickets, so not the full price gets added to the jackpot

If you set the range to -1, the tickets will be given out in order, so first one to buy a ticket gets #1, second #2 and so on, and the winnig ticket will be taken from the bought tickets


  • /lottery - Shows the help
  • /lottery buy [ticketnumber] - buys a ticket with the given number, if no number is given, buys a random Ticket
  • /lottery give <player> [ticketnumber] - like /lottery buy, but buys ticket for another player (target has to be online)
  • /lottery info- current jackpot, tickets the player has bought and how much money a player would get if he won with a ticket
  • /lottery stats - shows some stats about the lottery

Some admin-comands:

  • /lottery reload - reloads the config
  • /lottery draw [-f]- forces the lottery to draw a ticketnumber and start the next round, if -f is set it also reloads the lottery.yml


  • - You can buy a ticket
  • - You can buy up to <maxTickets> tickets
  • - You can buy a ticket for someone else
  • bblottery.draw - You can force the next round
  • bblottery.reload - You can reload the config



  • Fix Resetting Tickets-bug
  • Draw at specific time
  • Suggestions!

Requires Vault and an economy-plugin

If you want to thank me, a little donation on Paypal is appreciated:


It does not work!!!11

If you encounter any problems with BBLottery give me as much info as you have, so that I can help you to the best I can. You got an error? go to the Server-Log and look for the error-message/stacktrace. Version of the plugin and Bukkit you are using would also be nice. Got no error-message? Then tell me what you were doing/typing. If I don't know what happend I can't fix it.


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