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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

EDIT: This project is abandoned, it was really messy to begin with and if anything I'll just do a re-write and call it something else if I ever get back to it.

== BB Blocks ==

Originially intended for instant factories on a tekkit server, BB Blocks was created to allow players to place schematics, their own buildlings. It allows server adminstrators to create their own schematics from there, and sell them through signs. These signs will give a player a "buildling" in the form of a piece of bedrock. Once placed, this bedrock will morph into the buildling it was named. This also supports Vault, so now servers can "sell" buildlings.


  • A safe, organized way for players to use schematics
  • Dynamic protection adjusting to the schematic's size
  • Abilites to sell a building to a player through signs
  • Create your own schematic through a process

*IMPORTANT: Dependencies

May be removed in the future, these are required for the plugin to work properly and provide certain functionaility.

WorldEdit: Allows schematics to be placed

Vault: Well this allows players to buy buildlings through signs, so this is needed to support all economies.

How do I use it?

Simple, first install it like you would to any other plugin. Once installed, this will create a folder called "schematics" Which will be discussed later on this page. This folder is where your creations will be stored.

But what if people bypass protection!

As of now, this plugin supports 4 protection systems:





If none of these plugins are present, people will be able to bypass some forms of protection. The size of the schematic is also recorded, so the plugin can allow the best protection possible. This is needed because even though someone may not be able to place a block inside one of these regions, the buildling could potentially bypass the protection all together.

Well, how do I create a schematic?

Simple, first you must have a schematic copied in your clipboard. If no present buildling is found inside your worldedit clipboard, this will save properly. Once you have something inside the clipboard, simply follow the command format: /bb create <nameofschematic>. After creating this schematic, it will be saved into the schematics folder, where it can later be placed on signs.

How do I create a sign?

The format for signs are as follows:

Line 1: [BB]

Line 2: Cost

Line 3: Name Of Schematic (CASE-SENISTIVE)


  • /bb give <playername> <schematicName> <amount> -Gives players that bb block
  • /bb create <schematicName> -Will create a new schematic file


This determines what the bb blocks are made of, the name must be in all caps and have underscores where necessessary.



  • bb.sign.create - Allows users to create a sign
  • - Allows users to buy from a sign
  • bb.create - Allows users to create a schematic (Adminstrators)

Ugh, I have a problem and/or a suggestion.

I'd prefer if all the problems went through the ticket system. Suggestions however, may go to the plugin comments.


The link to the github repo is here:


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