A fully functional shop system for bukkit. BattleShops adds functionality not found in current shop systems. Most importantly, in my opinion; 1) the current quantity of items being bought/sold is always current and displayed on the sign; 2) You can place your chests anywhere you want, they don't have to be right next to the sign. So you can keep all of your shop chests at your base, but have a public facing sign store.

Backwards compatible with ChestShop

This plugin was designed to replace ChestShop, which means you can use all of your old Admin Signs, and players can use their old signs. The only thing to move over is for players to link their chests with their signs, click them with a redstone torch, and for admins to click their admin signs with a redstone torch.


The number to the right of the quantity to buy/sell is the Amount of items remaining.

Amount remaining Colors

  • Gold F : Chest is full of items and can't be sold to.
  • Green <quantity> : Current amount of items.
  • Gray 0 : Shop does not have enough items in stock to buy.
  • Gray U : Sign is not linked to a chest
  • Buy/Sell from signs
  • Remaining quantity is displayed on the sign
  • Full/Empty is displayed on the sign
  • Allow selling from any chest to any sign selling that item
  • Share your chests with other players
  • buy and sell multiples
  • Show player transactions
  • Show shop transactions
  • Admin shops
  • Colored Text on Signs
  • Use common names for items such as Pink Wool
  • DB backend


  • For players to create shops they must have the perm **shop.create**
  • For admin usage you must have the permission **shop.admin**




Usage Source


You can post here or you can ask me questions in real time on irc when I'm on. You can usually find me in the rooms **battleplugins**, or **bukkit** in

Most Recent Version

BattleShops **v3.1.5**


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