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An all around administration system that contains bans, mutes, IP tracking, watchlists, player help commands, and much more.

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An all around minecraft player/admin management system that contains bans, mutes, IP tracking, watchlists, player help commands, and much, much more.

This plugin started out as a personal plugin for my server and has grown into a plugin full of amazing admin tools and cool features to help you run your server and handle player information. This plugin was released because I have experience in running large MineCraft communities and I could not imagine how difficult it would be to run them without these commands.

This plugin contains many features listed below. I am constantly reworking and adding features to the plugin.

What makes this plugin different than CommandBook/Essentials?

Well, that's a good question. I'm glad you asked.... Unlike CommandBook, BattlePunishments stores the data for player information even when the player is not online. BattlePunishments also has IP cross checking and saves every single player in their own data file. BattlePunishments has features that log when a player breaks blocks. We even have a command to allow players to request help from the staff and an admin watchlist. The best part about it, all features are completely configurable! You can chose what you want to use, why, and how you want to use it! Also, I am always looking to add new things to the plugin so any requests that you have may be implemented. The plugin has an API for people to be able to edit the player.yml files if they want to add or change something from and external plugin.

Please note, this plugin's goal is not to replace CommandBook or Essentials in any way. It is made to work along side and give extra abilities. Maybe one day I'll add all the commands from Essentials and CommandBook so that they are obsolete with this plugin but at the moment they are both perfectly good plugins. This plugin has different or improved features. I recommend running it along side CommandBook/Essentials

For Server Owners

When you first load up BattlePunishments, please go to the plugins/BattlePunishments directory and open the config.yml. Your config page should look like this. Edit the configuration to your specifications, and then enter the command "/bpreload" in game and the new config will be reloaded. If you edited the MySQL information, you'll need to restart the server. When you're in game you can type /bp <number> and you will get a list of all the commands. Report any bugs you have and make sure to keep updated with new versions.

For Developers

There isn't much to hook into for this plugin, however I've made it easy for a developer to hook into the BattlePlayer class. If you would like to use BattlePunishments in another plugin (to ban, mute, kick, to check IPs, and more) you can now do so by hooking into the BattlePlayer class.


BattlePlayer bp = BattlePunishments.createBattlePlayer(string);
if(bp.getPlayer() != null && !bp.getPlayer().hasPermission(BattlePerms.KICK))

Developer Docs


  • Automated bans
  • Automated mutes
  • Kick players
  • Herochat compatibility
  • IP checking/comparing
  • Watchlist
  • Teleporting to random players
  • Server broadcasting tool
  • A command for player's to request help in game.
  • Strike system
  • Command blocker
  • Automated messages
  • IP Banning
  • Command Logging
  • Nicknames with TagAPI support
  • "Found diamonds" block logging messages
  • Player information logging
  • Welcome messages for new players
  • Lightweight chat format editing ability
  • Import bans from a txt file or other ban plugin.

Future Features (In order of priority)


Registering the Server

Unregistered Users:

  • Access to public ban and mute list
  • Access to basic information on player/server profiles

Registered Users:

  • Access to all information on player/server profiles
  • Access to public ban and mute list
  • Can register a server
  • Can sync information from server to the public lists
  • Can post support ticket support tickets


You can ask me questions in real time on irc when I'm on. You can usually find me in #battleplugins, #bukkit, or #bukkitdev in I will also answer any Bukkit related questions that may not have to do with BattlePunishments specifically. It is also perfectly fine to come online to chat. If you don't have an IRC client, you can use the in-browser one.

Another location where I can be found would be the teamspeak. Just enter the IP and send a PM to "Ducks" .. If I don't reply in either location it would mean I am not at my computer. At that point you should just shoot me a private message.

Converting From Another Plugin?

Check out the guide on how to do conversions HERE.


BattlePlugins Website
Commands and Permissions
Change Log
Java Documentation
CI Server GitHub


I code these plugins as a hobby, however every donation helps to keep me motivated. If you like what I'm doing feel free to send me a donation.



Please put all bug reports on Github

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