Configuration Help

Configuration Help

The commented config can be found here.

General Kit Format

The format for a kit is:

  kitname: # Change to whatever name you'd like
      '0': 'item' # Item format below
      '1': 'item' # Item format below
      '2': 'item' # Item format below

All the way up to 35.

Item Format

When typing the items, type them like so:

'itemID:amount:durability enchantmentID:level'

The only section above that is required is the itemID. You may leave the amount and durability part out. If there is no amount, the default is 1.

If you want an enchantment, you must have both the Enchantment ID AND the level.

If you'd like an empty slot, just use a 0.


To add armor, all you need to do is type in the armor type!

For example:

  kitname: # Change to whatever kit
      helmet: iron
      chestplate: gold
      leggings: diamond
      boots: leather

The color codes for leather armor can be found here.

Slot Numbering

Slot Numbers

(Original image from here)

Note: The plugin only handles slots 0-35.