BattleKits v2.0.3


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    Feb 17, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.2-R0.1
  • CB 1.5.2-R0.1
  • 1.5.2



  • Fix suicide giving players rewards
  • Fix NPE on plugin disable for non-server users


  • Fix NPE when server is not in use
  • Hopefully remove excess DPs on stats site


  • Fix 0% bug again
  • Make it round decimal values up


  • Added new stats interface
    • Disabled by default, see config
    • Displays number of kills & deaths
    • Still very much experimental, will be adding sorting functionality soon
  • Added option to debrand BattleKits - changes sign text, messages etc
  • Attempted to fix inventory not updating bug


  • Fix issues with empty armour
    • Formatting issues in kit list
    • Armour durability NPE
    • Food change permission not working
    • Kit list formatting
    • Kit list ignoring permissions
    • Indirect and sign permissions being broken even if exceptions are defined in the config
    • Non-descriptive message when trying to use unimplemented toolkit command
    • Kit signs ignoring creation permissions and just going gray when creating them
    • One-per-life code has been rewritten to be more stable
    • Auto update has been disabled by default as it has a tendency to update to older builds and reintroduce bugs
    • Food permission being confusing and not working
  • New features:
    • Add color coding to kit list based on whether the user has permission or not


  • Compile for 1.4.6


  • Remove CraftBukkit dependency
  • Update to latest recommended build
  • Fix restriction issues
  • Start adding language support (not yet finished though)


  • Update to very latest CB + Bukkit builds
  • Add soup fill command and configurable cost
  • Fix some bugs


  • Fix Jenkins building old code
  • Fix crafting issue
  • Move to permissions for restriction events


  • Fix WG NPE that stopped the entire plugin from starting


  • Multi-world setting support (enable restrictions and other settings in certain worlds)
  • Bypass permissions for restrictions
  • Rewards for kills (command support)
  • Support console and allow players to specify target for the kit
  • New config structure

1.6 & 1.7 were internal beta versions


  • Compile with 1.4.5 CB & Bukkit


  • Fix sending command syntax back after successful use
  • Fix instant soup bug (you can't nest keys under something which has a value np98765 :D )
  • Add TagAPI support for colored name plates (use tagPrefix setting in kit)
  • Fix eclipse messing stuff up


  • Fix bad folder structure
  • More stable


  • Development build (but has been tested to a certain extent)
  • Add MapleFighter's fillall command (fills all bowls of soup)
  • Fix big permissions bug
  • Add source code in JAR
  • Compile with jenkins
  • Full change list:


  • Fix anyone being able to destroy config file
  • Fix anyone being able to reload config file
  • New list
  • New aliases (/bk, /battlekits, /kit)


  • Allow armour to be enchanted
  • Allow multiple enchantments per item
  • Support kit costs with vault


  • Fix auto-update config setting
  • Now simply a true/false setting


  • Pretty big update!
  • Name items with new 1.4 naming API (see archer kit for example, supports color codes)
  • Dye leather armor items with any hex color (see archer kit)
  • Ability to change some game behavior:
  hide-death-messages: false
  disable-dropping-items: false #With Q/drag out of inv
  disable-player-drops-on-death: false
  disable-crafting: false
  disable-player-xp-drop: false
  disable-mob-xp-drop: false
  disable-block-xp: false #XP on block break (e.g. coal)
  disable-inventory-interaction: false
  disable-pickup-items: false
  disable-block-break: false
  disable-block-place: false
  show-kit-info-on-respawn: true
  override-disable-respawn-kits: false
  • Add one-per-life kit restriction
  • Add auto kit respawn (player needs permission
  • Add support for user to specify commands to run when kit is given:
    commands: #Executed on kit give
      - 'tell <player> Enjoy your kit :)' #Commands executed as console
  • Add support for on-give-message that is executed when the kit is given to the player:
on-give-message: '&cGo and shoot some targets!'
  • Clean code up


  • Update to 1.4.2
  • Multi-world exclusions
  • Auto-updater & opt-out
  • Rename entire project due to naming issues


  • Redid the config layout to prepare for future changes
  • Added chainmail armor
  • Minor edits


  • Complete rewrite
    • The ability to define your own kits!


  • Recompiled with CB 1.3.1-R2.0


  • Initial release

* Web interface doesn't sort