This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


I no longer have time to support this plugin. Source is HERE:

The first ever WORKING BattleDome plugin for your bukkit server made public.
Requested by pandawhite5 on bukkit forums.

What this plugin does:

This is a multi arena plugin, much like the SurvivalGames plugin by Double_0_Neagative that hosts not the survival games but a surival-pvp arena.
In battle dome, players race to find resources in 15 minutes, like in The Walls by Hypixel. You are not allowed to go into the opponent's territory and not allowed to break throgh the glass dome. After 15 minutes, each side will have an obsidian block hidden, and it will be and all out pvp to find the other team's obsidian and bring it back to the base.
This plugin will automate all that.


- Lightweight, fast, and sleek- Uses minimal lines of code, no objects, and has a system of loops and lists to automate the process
- Simple setup- You are literally only 2 or 3 clicks away from an arena
- Lobby system- Allows voting to start the arena
- Green/Purple- Uses TagAPI to change player name color
- Spectating- invisible players can fly to spectate
- Simultaneous arenas- multiple arenas run at once without intersection
- Flexible- A full range of commands for admins to control
- Deathmatch- games lasting 45+ minutes are forced to dm
- Rollback- completely restores the world to original state
- Cheat prevention- An entire class devoted to checking each command to make sure it is used legitimately
- more to come when the plugin is finished


/bd join (id)- joins arena id
/bd leave- leaves current arena
/bd vote- votes to start the game faster
/bd list- lists playing players in arena
/bd spectate (id)- allows you to fly around and watch game id
/bd spawn- allows you to go back to spawn in collection phase
/bd surface- allows you to go to the top if underground in gather phase
/bd help- shows the help menu

/bd create- creates arena
/bd delete (id)- deletes arena id
/bd deadspawn- set spawn for people who have died in pvp phase(during setup)
/bd lobbyspawn- sets the spawn for those who join arena(during setup)
/bd dmspawn- sets location of deathmatch (during setup)
/bd disable (id or leave blank for all)- makes arena unjoinable, unloads world
/bd enable (id or leave blank for all)- makes arena joinable and loads world
/bd start (id)- forces countdown or voting arena into game
/bd dm (id)- forces arena ingame into deathmatch
/bd stop- stops specified arena and kicks all players into the deadspawn location


bd.player.*-all nodes for player permissions
bd.admin.*- all nodes for admin permissions

INDIVIDUAL PERMISSIONS (corresponds with commands above) join/leave),, bd.list, bd.spectate, bd.spawn, bd.surface,
bd.create, bd.delete, bd.setdead, bd.setlobby, bd.setdm, bd.disable, bd.enable, bd.start,, bd.stop


1. Do /bd create
2. Go to the desired position in which ALL players that died IN BATTLEDOME should respawn
3. Create the lobby sign. Put up a sign with the first line [battledome]
4.Teleport to the battledome world (must have a multiworld plugin) and get out a blaze rod
5. Using the blaze rod, right click the blue side. Left click the red side. They must be the same level.
6. Go to the lobby(or create one)and do /bd lobbyspawn. Players joining the arena spawn here
7. Go to desired deathmatch area. Small, and enclosed preferably. Do /bd dmspawn
8. If you did this correctly, it should say: "[BattleDome]Arena #(arena id) created successfully!"

Tell all your players happy pvping and join the new battledome :)


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