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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.1-R0.2
  • 1.5.1
  • 1.2.5

Changelog Fixes:

  • real fix for disabled commands in queue
  • Fix for scoreboard names > 32 characters long Fixes:

  • Fix for disabled commands in queue
  • Fix for colors above heads remaining after games
  • Small fix for tournaments New Features:

  • new option classEnchants: to rebuff the enchants of people who have chosen a class

3.8.7: New Features:

  • Module system introduced, Modules are mini plugins that can change the logic of BattleArena
    • Example: Adding OldStyle bow firing, changing damage, etc
  • API Features: new Player Events


  • Fix for tournaments /duels
  • Multiverse-Core added as a softdepend to wait till worlds are loaded completely
  • Fix for multiple arena reloads, harmless but spammy

UPDATE CTF If you are using ArenaCTF you will need to update that plugin as well. This is do to the new scoring system for which I had to change both BattlArena and ArenaCTF.

nLives greater than 1 will now automatically put in the "respawn" option inside of onDeath: