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    Jan 17, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.4.6
  • 1.2.5

Changelog New Features:

  • when the option matchTime: is set to -1, matches will last forever until a victory/loss
  • victoryCondition: nLives , now works.. needs an additional parameter nLives: <number of lives>
  • new config variable to toggle BattleTracker messages during matches
  • /<type> status : now reports leaderboard when appropriate
  • All matches/events are now interchangeable based on config options
  • Auto update now works for Windows as well as *NIX systems.
  • Players now only 15 seconds to respawn before they are considered "out" of the match.
    • Prevents people from dying then never respawning to force the entire match length
  • new API registration function that allows match/event to be handled in config
  • new API feature. BukkitEvent priority can now be specified in @MatchEventHandlers
  • new API feature, Extension plugins can now be auto updated based on the config option "autoUpdate:", specified in the extensions "config.yml"


  • Fixed saving for multiple arena types in extension plugins(like spleef/espleef)
  • Fixes /f command not being respected for factions

I changed the way that matchEnableForceStart works to be hopefully more intuitive.

You can now set a minimum and a maximum number of players needed to join.... for example

    nTeams: 2
    teamSize: 3-5
This will make it so the match will not start until at least 6 people join, but will try to wait for 10 people to join before starting. (determined by the matchForceStartTime)