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    Oct 26, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.4.2


New Features:

  • Basic support with Heroes. see Using Heroes
  • when specifying spawns or teams you can now use either the number or the team name.
    • '/arena alter <arena> 1' is now the same as 'arena alter <arena> red'
  • new option ignoreMaxStackSize. Allows giving up to stacks of 64 for all items.
  • new options for teleportation. Allows teleporting to different locations based on winner/loser/onDeath
  • teleports can now be done on each match stage
  • Team Names and Team Heads can now be configured in teamHeads.yml
  • new option alwaysTeamNames. Forces joining players to have the name specified in teamHeads.yml


  • Fix for selecting an arena when joining
  • Fix for arenas with Persistable Maps

* Cosmetic change. You will need to edit your messages.yml slightly

prestart: '&eYour {matchname}&e match against {otherteam} starts in {time}.'

needs a '&e' --->

prestart: '&eYour {matchname}&e match against {otherteam}&e starts in {time}.'

This just makes sure that when team names are used the message looks correct