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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.2-R0.1


New Features:

  • Class signs are now functional. You can place them in a waitroom or arena and players can select a class. If they can swap between all classes until their inventory changes, at which point they are locked into that class. This allows people to choose classes but not be able to transfer items to other people or themselves.
  • Fixes for mob/item spawning
  • Fix for gamemodes and item storing for events with Waitrooms

New Features: 3.6.5

  • Option for force joining all players on the server for events
  • Allows events to be scheduled and run on a continuous loop
  • Fixes for matches and tournaments when I introduced a bug in 3.6.4.
  • Minor message fixes
  • new cleaner handling of options for opening events (see wiki)
  • All matches and events can now have an end time (specified by matchTime: <value> in the config). Can be overriden in any match/event config section.

Soon to be released/dev Features

  • Worldguard support being introduced

Force Joining the entire server is a new feature. Let me know of any issues with this.

Let me know of any possible issues with class choosing through signs.