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I've been busy on my server last couple of day and cannot make any other plugin , so , i reemaginated a mini-game that all could love ! It's a card game with animation and all the kit , just collect all card , build a deck of 8 cards and challenge ennemis ! There will be some rarity (common/rare/legendary) , to evolve your card , you need 10 card of the same unit. Each time you get a new cards of the same type , your unit get +1 lvl. They will have strenght , speed and health ti take care off !

How to get cards ?

Just simply play and catch mysterie boxes !

Will this have animation ?

YES it does !

Can i reach you or make part of the develloper ?

Yes , my facebook page = Zakkaroom's Plugin My email = [email protected]

What do this mini game have to be compete ?

Join sign The cards The mystery boxs The animation The Gui for deck creation Your base life


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