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Ever wanted to play battlefield in minecraft but the most arena-plugins didn't suit you?
I'm trying to make an exact replica of the game mechanics from the battlefield series.


  • ranking (the player has a level, you can assign levels to items/guns/grenades so players can use them when they reached a specefic level
  • guns, grenades, special items (c4, healing boxes, ammo boxes, map...), you can configure everything
  • maybe I can make it spout compatible
  • abilities (like sprint, ammo, accuracy,...)
  • conquest, rush,... (all the game types of battlefield)
  • possibility to create your own loadout
  • classes
  • multiworld
  • scorebord (playerlist), colored names with display of health; own health, ammo,... are displayed in the sidebar
  • flags, tickets, etc. are displayed in the chat;
  • vehicles: tanks, boats, planes, jeeps
  • full protection (arena regeneration, block place/break,...)
  • chat emotes
  • an api and the possibility to add your own items

progress (done)

  • commands
  • gun config

overall progress: 5%

extra features

Do you think this plugin is missing something, please post it in the comments below.


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