Battle Dome For Servers

Battle Dome For Servers for CB 1.7.10-R0.4

Battle Dome plugin for running on Servers. Included auto restart and map reset, SQL point system, Ranks, Permissions, Kits, Mob disguises, Spactating system and other fun stuff.

Required libraries:

• ProtocolLib 3.4.0
• DisguiseCraft #59
• BarApi 3.3


• setpoints

With permission "BattleDomeS.Coordinator": When you type just a command it will bring up a list of points that can be set. You need to set all of them. Wall1 and Wall2 are corners of the wall that separates the red and blue teams. Spawn is where spectators spawn. Values are set in the config.yml.
• coins

Without any permission: When you just type the command it will tell you how much coins you have. With the permission "BattleDomeS.Accountant": You can set, view and add coins by doing /coins set|add <player> <ammount> or /coins view <player>
• checksql

With permission "BattleDomeS.Admin": If you just type the command and recieve no errors then the sql connection is running.
• promo
With no permission: Can be only used in Build phase with arguments spawn, tp <player>, night (gives night vision) for the corespnding ranks.
• style
With no permission: Can be only used in Lobby mode. replaces near 3 blocks (not air) with the material type in arguments. The valid materials can be set with /materiallist.
• materiallist (will integrated into /style next version)
With "BattleDomeS.Accountant" permission: Lets you add materials that can be used with /style (/materiallist <material>). With no arguments reurns all minecraft materials. Will integrated into /style next version.


• "BattleDomeS.Accountant" - lets you execute /coins set|add|view

• "BattleDomeS.Coordinator" - lets you execute /setpoints

• "BattleDomeS.Builder" - lets you break and place blocks, edit your inventory, pick up and drop items, open chests and walk trough the wall that separates the teams when you aren't supposed to. Must be removed when playing to not brake the game world and mechanics.

• "BattleDomeS.Admin" - lets you execute /testsql and /materiallist


• Put the plugin and required jar files in your plugins folder

• (Optional) put your Battle Dome world files in [craftbukkit.jar location]/battledome/

• Go to your SQL Server and execute

CREATE TABLE Coins ( Player varchar(255), Coins int, Data varchar(255) );

• Start the server

• Enter SQL details

• Log in and set all points with /setpoints

Corner 1 and 2 are for the wall that separates the teams during Build Phase. Lobby is where every player who joins before the game starts is teleported. Next 4 points are self explanatory. Spawn in where the sepctators spawn (usualy in the middle of the map).

• Relaunch server

• Enjoy!


• The builder permission must NOT be used while playing!

• All map edits won't be saved unless you type /save-all

• This game is still BETA - report bugs


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