Battery - Store and Release the Power of Redstone
Version: 1.5 (Power Plant Edition)

Create batteries.
Catch any redstone activity in a battery and release it later with a lever.
Functions the same way with Furnaces.
You can stack you Batteries side by side to make huge power plants
For example, you can use it with my ThunderTower plugin.


  • Create Batteries with a block, a sign, and a lever
  • Save it in a flatfile
  • Charge your battery
  • Uncharge it
  • Full configurable

How to Use

  • Place a Battery Block (configurable)
  • Put a Sign with the first line [Battery]
  • Optional : See the Parameters section to make special batteries
  • Let's charge with redstone on the left side (redstone wire) or with an active furnace
  • Click on the Sign yo power on the right side (redstone wire) or a to active a furnace


All the Parameters can be written on the second line of the Battery sign on the creation of the Battery
Only One parameter can be set for a battery

  • AutoPower
    Battery will automaticly uncharge it when arrive to a define level
    Usage: APxx when xx is the specific level
  • AutoActivation
    Battery will uncharge it only if a redstone wire is powering the back of the battery
    Usage: AA


Just take a look at the Images


  • Any Ideas ?

Known Issues

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