This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


This Plugin is Outdated and No Longer Updated!!!

This Plugin is Outdated and No Longer Updated!!!

This Plugin is Outdated and No Longer Updated!!!

This Plugin is Outdated and No Longer Updated!!!

This Plugin is Outdated and No Longer Updated!!!

Basics is a Bukkit plugin, simply used for supplying the necessities of any Minecraft server. The plugin is currently developed by one developer, Jack1312; who continues to work harder to give owners the server moderation experience and players the survival/building encounter they deserve.

As a few of you may know, we decided to re-make the plugin because we believed that the focal audience/range of users for Basics was not as good as it could be and that the code could be described as a bit "scrappy" or "messy". We, as developers are not perfect and do make mistakes like any other normal human being. If you may, have any bug reports or suggestions that you would like us to consider, please create a ticket and ensure you a specific and precise of what it is you wish us to achieve or modify.

As it stands, we are currently at version 1.0, restarting our release order and below you should be able to locate a list of our features & commands. If you have any questions, please send me a PM or make a ticket. We always love to gain feedback from our plugin users, whether it is positive or negative; but if you are feeling antagonistic, please do not use derogatory forms of speech, instead reply in a mature manner.


  • /abort - Stop/Abort all current actions in progress.
  • /about - Place a wool block or destroy any block to gain info of when it was created/destroyed, who/what did it and what the block previously was. /about [Page] - Display info, of the specified page, on the last block placed/destroyed.
  • /adminchat - Enable/Disable chat specifically with administrative players. Shortcut: /ac
  • /autokick [Message] - Enable/Disable autokick using the chosen message. All players who join the server without basics.autokick.exempt with be kicked.
  • /ban [Player] - Ban the specified player from the server.
  • /blast - Enable/Disable the blast stick, where you can shoot different sized explosions with a blaze rod. /blast [Size] - Set the size of the explosion for your blast stick. It is suggested you don't go more than 30 or it WILL lag.
  • /cuboid [Material] - Select 2 blocks with a wooden spade and the prism created between them will be filled with [Material]. If no material is specified, stone will be used as default.
  • /freeze [Player] - Prevent the chosen player from moving.
  • /gamemode [Creative/Survival or 0/1] - Set your own gamemode to creative or survival. Shortcut: /gm /gamemode [Player] [Creative/Survival or 0/1] - Set the specified players gamemode to creative or survival.
  • /godmode - Enable your godmode, therefore making you invincible. Shortcuts: /inv, /god, /invincible /godmode [Player] - Toggle the specified player's invincibility status.
  • /goto [World] - Teleport yourself to the specified world's spawn.
  • /heal - Regenerate, health and food level instantly back to 20/20 or full. /heal [Player] - Give the specified player, food health & food.
  • /help - Display a list of commands available for the user. /help [Page] - Go to the specified page of commands available. /help [Command] - Gain more detailed help on a specific command.
  • /home - Teleport to your previously set home location. /home [Player] - A command for ops to teleport to the home of another player.
  • /invedit [Player] - Edit the specified player's inventory, no matter if they are online or offline.
  • /item [Material] - Spawn yourself 1 of the specified material. /item [Player] [Material] - Spawn the specified player, 1 of the chosen material. /item [Material] [Amount] - Spawn yourself the specified amount of [Material]. /item [Player] [Material] [Amount] - Spawn the specified player the chosen amount of the selected material.
  • /jail [Player] - Teleport the selected player to the jail location and remove their privileges to interact, build, destroy or use commands. /jail set - Set the jail at your current location. /jail setspawn - Set the location in which a player spawns in, after leaving jail.
  • /kick [Player] - Remove/Kick the specified player from the server.
  • /kill - Set your health to 0 and committing suicide. /kill [Player] - Set the specified player's health to 0, therefore killing them.
  • /killmobs - Kill all mobs in a 50 block radius of the player. Shortcut: /km /killmobs [Radius] - Kill all mobs in the specified block radius.
  • /lastcmd - Display the last command used by every player on the server. /lastcmd [Player] - Display the last command used by the specified player.
  • /lightning - Enable/Disable the lightning stick, which you can shoot lightning with a blaze rod.
  • /listwarps - Display a list of the available warps that have been set.
  • /load [World] - Load the specified world, allowing players to enter it and beginning world physics updates.
  • /me [Message] - A fun command used for presenting actions.
  • /mobspawn [Mob] - Spawn 1 type of the specified mob, at the block you are looking at. /mobspawn list - Display a list of all the spawnable mobs. /mobspawn [Mob] [Amount] - Spawn the chosen amount of the specified mob. Shortcut: /ms
  • /mute [Player] - Prevent the specified player from sending any chat messages.
  • /newlvl [Name] [Flat/Normal/Nether] - Create a new world with the chosen name and specified type. Use /goto [World] to go there.
  • /orewatch - Enable/Disable orewatch notifications. By default, orewatch notifications are only given when a player mines diamond in darkness. /orewatch [Player] - Gain info on how much of each of the following ores a player has mined, in or not in the dark: diamond/gold/iron/coal. /orewatch alert [Ore] - Enable/Disable alerts for the specified ore. /orewatch alert all - Enable/Disable alerts for ores which are not in the dark. Shortcut: /ow
  • /pinfo - Get info about yourself, including date joined, lastseen, blocks placed/destroyed, status and chat sent. /pinfo [Player] - Get player info on the specified player, including stats listed above.
  • /place - Create a stone block at your location. Useful for setting up sky-high cuboids. /place [X] [Y] [Z] - Place a stone block at the specified location.
  • /players - Display a list of the players currently on the server in their ranks, including the total. Shortcuts: /list, /who
  • /plugin [Plugin] - Gain info about the specified plugin, including it's name, description, authors, version and website. /plugin [Enable/Disable/Reload] [Plugin] - Enable, Disable or Reload the chosen plugin.
  • /removewarp [Warp] - Remove/Delete the specified warp, making it inaccessible.
  • /repair - Repair the item, currently held in hand. /repair all - Repair all the items in your inventory, including armour.
  • /replace [Block 1] [Block 2] - Replace all of block 1 with block 2 in a chosen region, selected with a wooden spade.
  • /rules - Display a list of server laws/rules which are set in the plugins/Basics/text/rules.txt. Colour codes may be used in these (&a, &b, etc). /rules [Player] - Force the specified player to read the rules, by sending it to them.
  • /sethome - Set your home at your current location. Use /home to teleport back to it. /sethome [Player] - Set the specified player's home to your location.
  • /setspawn - Set the spawn of your current world to your location. /setspawn global - Set your main spawn for all your world/s to your current location.
  • /settings - A command used for editing the settings for Basics on the server. /settings colours - Enable/Disable the use of colour codes in the global chat. /settings logcommands - Determines whether command use is logged in the console. /settings logcuboids - This is the option in which "whole" cuboids are logged into the block database. If true, they can be reversed. /settings globaldeath - This option decides whether a player is teleported to the global spawn on death or the world spawn. /settings kickmessage [Message] - Set the server's default kickmessage to [Message]. /settings owner [Player] - Set the owner of the server to [Player]. The owner is the only person who can use /settings in-game. /settings getplugin [Name] [URL] - Downloads the chosen plugin and places it in the plugins/ folder.
  • /setwarp [Warp] - Create/Set the specified warp name to your location. Players can use /warp [Warp] to get here.
  • /spawn - Teleports the player to the global spawn location. /spawn world - Teleports the player to their current world's spawn location.
  • /summon [Player] - Bring the chosen player to your position. Shortcuts: /tphere
  • /telestick - Enable/Disable the telestick, with which you can teleport to the location you swing your blaze rod at.
  • /tempban [Player] [Time] [Seconds/Minutes/Hours/Days/Months] - Temporarily bans the chosen player for the specified time period. /tempban remove [Player] - Removes the specified player's tempban.
  • /time [Day/Night/Dawn/Dusk/Time] - Set your current world's time to the specified time of day.
  • /unban [Player] - Unban the specified player from the server. Note: This does not remove tempbans, use /tempban remove.
  • /undo [Cause] [Seconds] - Undoes the actions from the specified cause for [Seconds]. Causes: [Player], Creeper, TNT, Ghast, Explosion.
  • /unload [World] - Unload the specified world, stopping all physics happenings and disallowing access to players.
  • /warp [Warp] - Teleport/Warp to the chosen warp location that has been set.
  • /weather [Sunny/Storm/Thunder] - Set your current world's spawn to the specified weather type.
  • /whisper [Player] - Enable whisper chat with the chosen player. All messages will be sent to them.
  • /worlds - Displays a list of all loaded/unloaded worlds on the server.
  • /zone - Adds/Removes a zone in your current chunk. Only players with the permission, basics.buildzone or ops can build in these.


As it stands, Basics only supports 3 permissions plugins, which are PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions and PermissionsEx. It also supports the default superperms for bukkit, but for all features we recommend using PermissionsEx. A list of command permissions can be found below:

  • basics.abort - /abort
  • basics.about - /about
  • basics.adminchat - Access to the command /adminchat and the permission to view adminchat and messages.
  • basics.autokick - Access to the command, /autokick.
  • basics.autokick.exempt - Permission to allow a player on, when /autokick is enabled.
  • basics.ban - Access to the command, /ban.
  • basics.blast - Access to the command /blast.
  • basics.cuboid - Access to the command, /cuboid.
  • basics.freeze - Access to the command, /freeze.
  • basics.gamemode - Access to the command, /gamemode.
  • basics.godmode - Access to the command, /godmode.
  • basics.goto - Access to the command, /goto.
  • basics.heal - Access to the command, /heal.
  • - Access to the command, /help.
  • basics.home - Access to the command, /home.
  • basics.home.other - Access to teleportation to another player's home.
  • basics.invedit - Access to the command, /invedit.
  • basics.item - Access to the command /item.
  • basics.jail - Access to the command, /jail.
  • basics.jail.set - Access to set the jail and jail spawn locations.
  • basics.kick - Access to the command, /kick.
  • basics.kill - Access to the command, /kill.
  • basics.killmobs - Access to the command, /killmobs.
  • basics.lastcmd - Access to the command, /lastcmd.
  • basics.lightning - Access to the command, /lightning.
  • basics.listwarps - Access to the command, /listwarps.
  • basics.load - Access to the command, /load.
  • - Access to the command, /me.
  • basics.mobspawn - Access to the command, /mobspawn.
  • basics.mute - Access to the command, /mute.
  • basics.newlvl - Access to the command, /newlvl.
  • basics.orewatch - Access to the command, /orewatch.
  • basics.pinfo - Access to the command, /pinfo.
  • - Access to the command, /place.
  • basics.players - Access to the command, /players.
  • basics.plugin - Access to the command /plugin.
  • basics.removewarp - Access to the command /removewarp.
  • - Access to the command, /repair.
  • basics.replace - Access to the command, /replace.
  • basics.rules - Access to the command, /rules.
  • basics.rules.other - Access to send the rules to another player.
  • basics.sethome - Access to the command, /sethome.
  • basics.sethome.other - Access to set the home of another player.
  • basics.setspawn - Access to the command /setspawn.
  • - Access to setting the global spawn.
  • basics.settings - Access to the command, /settings. Note: You need to also, be owner!
  • basics.setwarp - Access to the command, /setwarp.
  • basics.spawn - Access to the command, /spawn.
  • basics.summon - Access to the command, /summon.
  • basics.teleport - Access to the command, /teleport.
  • basics.telestick - Access to the command, /telestick.
  • basics.tempban - Access to the command, /tempban.
  • basics.time - Access to the command, /time.
  • basics.unban - Access to the command, /unban.
  • basics.undo - Access to the command, /undo.
  • basics.unload - Access to the command, /unload.
  • basics.warp - Access to the command, /warp.
  • - Access to the command, /weather.
  • basics.whisper - Access to the command, /whisper.
  • basics.eavesdrop - Access to be able to use /whisper eavesdrop.
  • basics.worlds - Access to the command, /worlds.
  • - Access to the command, /zone.


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