Barbed Wire 1.4

Barbed Wire is a simple little plugin which damages the player when he walks on a cobweb. The amount of damage is customizable in the config.yml file, as well as various other options specified below.

In 1.4 barbed wires can be crafted by using a string, shears and an iron ingot. This is a shapeless recipe, and grants the crafter 16 barbed wires.

In 1.4.2 the command structure changed a bit.


Command Permission Description
/bw give bw.give Gives one barbed wire
/bw give <amount> bw.give Gives the <amount> specified barbed wires
  bw.* Gives a player the rights to every command


bw.* or bw.give will give a player the possibility of getting a barbed wire by utilizing the /bw give command. OPs will be able to use it anyway.


  • Damage This option configures how much damage per tick the barbed wire will deal to a player. (Defaults to 1)
  • SafeOPs (Safe Operators) This option configures whether or not ops will take damage from barbed wires. (Defaults to false, so ops will take damage)
  • BwIsCustBlock (Barbed Wire is Custom Block) This option configures whether or not only barbed wires recieved from /bw will deal damage to a player. (Defaults to false, so every cobweb either generated or placed in general deals damage)
  • Debug This option will log some general info to the console. Generally shouldn't be set to true considering it will spam your console. (Defaults to false, so no messages will be logged)


Barbed Wire Crafting

Video Showcase

A friendly soul also made a youtube video showcasing the plugin!

Thanks, eric!


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