BanVote v0.2.0.8


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    Aug 23, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0


v0.2.0.8 - add proper UUID check, needs an UUID ready server implementation!
v0.1.7 - add UUID warnings instead of messup errors
v0.1.6 - mavenize all the things!
v0.1.5 - add VoteCoolDownMinutes and prefix
v0.1.4.1 - add JoinCheck to only voting for people on the server while starting the vote
v0.1.4 - update storage to UUIDs instead of player names
v0.1.3.2 - fix encoding issues
v0.1.3.1 - add bukkit compliant updater
v0.1.3 - add config setting for muting
v0.1.2 - add more punishment for frequent bans
v0.1.1.1 - properly display remaining seconds
v0.1.1.0 - add configurable necessity for a reason
v0.1.0.3 - minor cleanup
v0.1.0.2 - minor coding improvements
v0.1.0.1 - fix the permission issue (cmd > vote)
v0.1.0 - add language
v0.0.7.2 - fix another NPE
v0.0.7.1 - fix an NPE
v0.0.7 - fix the customvote, add player-less votes
v0.0.6 - add more permissions (cmds + novote)
v0.0.5 - update for 1.3.1
v0.0.4.9 - fix several issues
v0.0.4.8 - fix NPE due to /mutevote
v0.0.4.7 - compile against Bukkit 1.1-R7, removed unneeded import
v0.0.4.5 - added update manager & custom vote
v0.0.3.3 - backend stuff, small fixes
v0.0.3.2 - /kickvote | /mutevote
v0.0.2.2 - ban expire fix - wow, that was a derpy one
v0.0.2.1 - public calc option, little fixes
v0.0.2 - config options, unbanning
v0.0.1 - independant ban manager
v0.0.0 - basic functionality


  • fix [something] in /customvote [something] [name]vote [reason]
  • more cleanup