Another plugin idea inspired by odielag. He searched for a democratic way of getting rid of griefers and other derps by letting the community help itself!

Here is a linklist of the pages that will be important to you:

Vote example - Configuration - 2do-List - Permissions - Source (GitHub) - ChangeLog


  • let your players vote for banning other players
  • let your players vote for kicking other players
  • let your players vote for muting other players
  • let your players vote for committing commands
  • players can discuss while both are muted (after each other)
  • either ban/kick/mute the target or the voter, if the vote failed


  • /banvote [playername] [reason] | initiate a ban vote
  • /banvote [yes|+|true]|[no|-|false] | vote on a ban vote
  • /kickvote [playername] [reason] | initiate a kick vote
  • /kickvote [yes|+|true]|[no|-|false] | vote on a kick vote
  • /mutevote [playername] [reason] | initiate a mute vote
  • /mutevote [yes|+|true]|[no|-|false] | vote on a mute vote
  • /customvote [playername] [type]vote [reason] | initiate a custom vote, type [type]
  • /customvote [yes|+|true]|[no|-|false] | vote on a custom vote
  • /release list | (admin) check for running bans/mutes
  • /release #x | (admin) release ban/mute #x


  • time of one mute
  • weight of a NO vote
  • weight of a YES vote
  • weight of a NON vote because of being afk
  • weight of a NON vote
  • positive vote value required to ban the target
  • negative vote value required to ban the voter
  • ban minutes per positive result
  • ban minutes per negative result
  • cooldown minutes on voting on a target
  • whether or not the exact calculation should be made public

Recommended Plugins (optional!)

Known issues

  • none atm


BanVote utilizes the CurseForge API to check for updates. You can change the setting DBO_Update to the following values:

  • both - check for updates and download them
  • announce - only check for updates and announce
  • download - only download, not announce
  • anything else - disabled

Phoning home

To determine popularity and usage of BanVote, the server contacts my private server for information purposes. It sends your port, IP (for proper server counting), and the plugin version. That's it! If you want to disable that, set "Stats" to false in the config!


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