All this plugin does is force unwanted players to leave, either by banning them, kicking them, temporary banning them or IP-banning them. If you like, you can allow them to return by unbanning them.

This plugin will also report all the locations and notes an administrator has given on a banned player, and allows quick access to teleport to these locations to investigate (if required).

List of commands:

/ban [player] {-s} [reason] - Bans player [player] permanently from the server, and gives them a nice message each time they try to log in. If -s is added, the ban will be silent to the other players currently online. If a player is already banned, it will add additional information with [reason].

/tempban [player] {-s} [time] [reason] - Temporarily bans a player from the game. Time is given with an integer, followed by a unit, which is either s, m, h, or d. For example, /tempban nublet 30m spamming. Will ban player nublet for 30 minutes.

/kick [player] {-s} [reason] - kicks a player from the game with a friendly reason. The player will be able to instantly rejoin.

/banip [player] OR [IP] - blocks any account with a specific IP address from joining the game. /banip nublet will ban nublet, and ban his ip, whilst /banip will block any accounts that try to sign in with as their IP.

/warn [player] [reason] - warns a player about their actions, and saves it to the database.

/warnings {player} - if there is no argument for player, the person who executed the command's warnings will be shown. Otherwise it will be {player}'s

/baninfo [player] - Recalls information about banned player [player]. Will list the reason they were banned for, and any additional notes that have been added.

/addinfo [player] [information] - Adds additional information regarding a banned player. This will log the coordinates of where you are standing as well.

/removeinfo [player] [id] - removes an 'additional info' entry from the database. Useful if you make a mistake.

/bantp [player] [id] - Teleports you to the location of where the additional information with id [id] was made. Useful for investigations.

/banexport - Exports the database to banned-players.txt.

/banimport - Imports from banned-players.txt to the database.


Here are the permission nodes:

banreport.ban - required for /ban, /tempban

banreport.baninfo - required for /baninfo /addinfo, /removeinfo

banreport.bantp - required for /banexport and /banimport





banreport.warnings.own - is the player allowed to view their own warnings?

banreport.warnings.viewall - allow people to see any player's warnings.

Setting up:

BanReport runs off a MySQL database, and the query for the required table are here:

You can also use SQLite by setting useMySQL to false in the config.yml file.

Final notes:


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