Ever wondered what these new banners in Minecraft 1.8 can do?

With this plugin you can use them to display texts everywhere in the world.

The texts are bigger than signs and they can have different foreground and background colors right now.

How to color banners and use the getBanners command

Old Tutorials (for Version 1.0)




Huge thanks to Numero Uno, kipenkipen, TryHD and AbsintoJ for the tutorials!


  • /getbanners <text> Places the text banners/symbols in your inventory. (Can only be executed by a player)
  • /inspect A debug command to inspect the banner in your hand. (Can only be executed by a player)
  • /createSymbolPack <symbolPackName> Creates a new symbol pack (a container file for symbols you've created) with the given name.
  • /addSymbolToPack <symbolName> <symbolPackName> Adds the banner your holding in your hand to the symbol pack. (Can only be executed by a player)
  • /listSymbolPacks Lists all symbol packs and the symbols in them.
  • /deleteSymbolPack <symbolPackName> Deletes the symbol pack.


  • bl.getbanners: Allows the use of the /getBanners command
  • bl.modifysp: Allows the user to create/modify/delete symbol packs.

Other downloads

Symbol Packs

  • Symbol Pack 1 (This first symbol pack contains dog, cat, squid and many more symbols)
Thanks to BehrzillaProductions for some of the symbols in this pack

How to use

Save the content of the paste in a file called "example1.sp" in the symbols folder which is in the BannerLetters folder (plugins/BannerLetters/symbols) and then restart the server. Use /listSymbolPacks to check if it is loaded.


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