This is the single best plugin for getting rid of things you don't want in your chat! You can block words, or full sentences, or even server IPs from your chat! You can also set punishments and configure them! The plugin is extremely flexible and configurable, you can even set most config options ingame!


Wow! 100+ downloads! Thanks! Please share any feedback you have :)


Punishment Options

kick - With this punishment option, it will kick the player whenever he/she says a banned word/sentence!

kickban - With this punishment option, it will kick the player 3 times, on the fourth time, it will ban them for a specified amount of time you set in the config!

mute - With this punishment option, it will give the player 3 warnings, on the fourth, it will mute the player for a configurable amount of time you set in the config!

deny - This option will simply prevent the player's blocked message from showing in the chat and give the player a warning.

Configurable Ban/Mute times!

In the config.yml you can configure how long the player is banned or muted for! (If the punishment mode is set to kickban or mute)

No Lag!

This plugin is coded to provide you with no lag! No matter how many people are spamming the chat or saying blocked words/sentences!

Easy adding/removing from ingame!

You can easily add and remove banned words or sentences from ingame with easy to use commands! You can even view a list of banned words/lines!


Add ingame command to set mutetime and bantime Add "No permission" message if you don't have permission (sorry I don't have this yet lol) Better anti-advertising

COMMANDS Commands Permissions Permissions Configuration

# PunishTypes:
# kickban = Kick the user 3 times, then ban them for the specified amount of time
# mute = Warn the player 3 times, then mute them for the specified amount of time
# kick = Kick the player each time they say a banned word or line
# deny = Don't ban, mute, or kick, just don't let them say the message in chat, and give them a warning
punishtype: kickban
# How many minutes shall we ban the user for if the mode is kickban
bantime: 1
# How long do we mute the user for? If the mode is mute
mutetime: 1
# The words that are banned ingame. you can even add sentences! like so:
# bannedwords:
# - this is a blocked sentence!
# See? It's literally the same thing as adding a word!.. but adding more words :)
- add
- banned
- words
- here
- mineplex
# DO NOT EDIT THESE IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT Y{{|Faq}}OU'RE DOING, Will cause i/o errors if you edit it wrong.
# These use unix system timestamps, if you don't know the format, don't edit it


I'm trying to do a command but it's not showing anything in chat!?!?

A: You don't have permission. Look at the permissions section and add yourself the permissions you need.

It's causing major lag

A: Contact me please. This shouldn't be happening


My skype is live:kaveenkk912

My server is

My email is [email protected]

My teamspeak is password is password123


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