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    Feb 27, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3


This version is marked as beta release. It has gone through some testing but could still contain some bad things.
This version DOES CONTAIN changes to the underlying database methods and COULD cause data loss.

If updating, please delete your config.yml located in your Bankcraft folder AND set the migration flag (eliminateCaseSensitives) in the new config file to true at first use!!


This release introduces a new abillity to torture these guys that keep staying in debt at your bank!
They get automatically assigned to a group that identifies them as debitors and enables you to control what they can and can't do on your server while in debt.
Besides some improvements to account security have been made and dumping money into the void by misspelling a name in the transfer command should be a lot harder now.

Detailed changelog:
v2.3 (Based on v2.3.3)
-Added Config Option to deactivate loan grouping
-Fixed transferxp command
-Fixed migration method for v2.3
v2.3 (Based on v2.3.2.2)
-Added a permissions group for players in debt
-Fixed unlimited money/experience by using negative values as amounts
-Fixed commands not checking if a account exists before transfering money
-Fixed the plugin checking names case sensitive, which led to multiple errors on database level as well as display errors in rankstats commands