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BANana is an advanced player-control plugin. It comes with a built in warning system for punishing players and a few different ways to ban players. BANana currently uses and SQLite database to store data and a rapid cache system for quick data retrieval and minimal server lag (along with multi-threaded goodness). This plugin fully supports UUIDs and will make sure players stay banned even if they use change their name! All messages in this plugin are configurable and many of the announcements are able to be disabled. Check out the list below for the full set of features!


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This plugin requires uuidAPI to function correctly.


Keep in mind that BANana is still being developed, so expect some new features!

  • An enhanced banning system that allows the banning and temp-banning of both UUIDs and IP addresses
  • A muting system that can disable chat and commands for players
  • A 'staff-mode' that only allows set players to stay on the server when enabled
  • A warning system that will deploy automatic punishments and certain warning amounts (can do anything this plugin can, and even run other commands!)
  • Multi-threaded cache system for the best possible performance on any Minecraft server
  • An auto-generated language file that allows you to edit any message for BANana (it even allows you to set the ban format!)
  • Configurable announcer and notification system
  • Many permissions that allow you to tailor this BANana to your needs
  • Logs all commands (only BANana commands) in the database
  • Any action can be taken against a player while they are offline, but only if they have been online before while uuidAPI was installed.
  • The ability to connect to a remote MySQL database. More than one server may connect to the remote database at the same time.

Click Here for a List of Commands & Permissions

Development Builds


This plugin is still in the beta process, so bugs are possible and expected. When a big fix/change is made to the plugin, I will upload it here, but if only small changes are made, I will upload them on my CI server as a development build. If you are using a version of BANana that you downloaded from here and you find a bug: Try using a the development build of BANana. If the bug still persists, please create a ticket on here.

Development builds for BANana can be found on my Jenkins CI server that is hosted elsewhere. Before downloaded these builds, please keep in mind that these builds are not approved by BukkitDev staff. Download at your own risk:

MySQL Setup Tutorial


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