Ban Tracker

Ban Tracker

  • No searching for Ip addresses.
  • No need to even know player Ip addresses.
  • Ban player name and Ip address with one command.
  • Ban Offline players and their Ip address is auto banned on log in attempt.
  • Make Ip ban exceptions for 2 player homes.
  • Remove or add player exceptions with command (no file editing)
  • If you remove ban Ip ban is auto removed on log in.
  • If the plugin breaks or is removed those banned stay banned !!!!!!
  • Names are Case Sensitive

Commands :

/sb <player name >

Bans player and Ip address.

Even bans offline player now, and ip address on log in attempt.

/sbr < player name>

Removes banned player name now, and Ip address on login.

/sbadd <player name >

Add exception ( if player A and B play from same Ip address).

If you want to ban Player A but not Player B.

/Sbre <player name>

Removes exception

Permissions :


Installation :

Unzip file and copy to CraftBukkit plugins folder.

Setup your permissions.

Start server.

Be sure to check out OpTracker a very good choice to go with this plugin.

Misc. :

This plugin uses Mcstats PluginMetrics.

If you wish to disable Metrics go to the plugin metrics folder and change opt_out to true.

Keep in mind plugin coders use this to track usage and features.

If its disabled It doesn't look as if its used much.

So a feature or perhaps the entire plugin may be discontinued.


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