Web Front Installation

You must have web hosting running PHP 5 to use this.

You must also ensure that the server where your MySQL database is will accept remote connections from your website.

If all the above is done, you can start installation :D

Upload via FTP the contents of the /banmanagement/ folder to where ever you want on your site.

  1. CHMOD /cache/ to 777
  2. Rename settingsRename.php to settings.php
  3. CHMOD settings.php to 777.
  4. Open settings.php


$settings['password'] = '';

and set the password. For example if you want your password to be helloworld then the above line should look like

$settings['password'] = 'helloworld';

Save settings.php

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Open http://yourdomain.com/where-you-installed/index.php?action=admin
  3. You will then be asked for a password, type in the one you set earlier.
  4. You will now see the admin area
  5. Click on the "Add Server" button.
  6. A dialogue box will appear with a form.
  7. Fill out all the form details.
  8. The dialogue box will disappear upon success, once that happens, refresh the page
  9. You should now see the server you just added in the table.
  10. If you have any other servers, add them.
  11. Once you have finished adding servers, please CHMOD settings.php back to 644 (If in future you need to add more, you must make it writeable again by CHMOD to 777).
  12. Please be aware, the mysql settings you entered are stored in settings.php in plain text, nobody else can read it unless they are able to download the file via FTP (or SSH etc) or you have an exploit in another script on your server.
  13. All done! If you have some bans, test it. Click "Home", in the search box type % and hit search. It will list all players that are currently banned or have been banned.