Every configuration file is commented with examples. Due to how Bukkit handles YAML, these comments may not appear on your copy. Examples are included with the comments below.


The main configuration of BanManager from database connection info, to online mode, blacklisted mute commands etc.


By default, any commands ran by your server console will be listed as 'Console'. Edit the name here. Each server has a generated unique id (similar to players). This can be useful to distinguish between multiple servers using the same database. Do not change the generated unique id.


Without depending on other plugins, it is impossible to look up permissions of offline players via the Bukkit API. To overcome this, this file allows you to specify UUIDs of players you wish to be exempt from certain punishments whilst offline.


Allows enabling of geoip look ups via /bminfo, to display a players' city and country based on their ip address. Uses max mind free geo ip databases, downloaded on startup. Can set a whitelist or blacklist of countries to deny players.


All messages used within BanManager are defined within this file to allow for customisation.


Predefined reasons can be defined within this file to avoid having to reduce the time it takes to type lengthy reasons.

Any player can use these, and they can be used via hash tags (no spaces).

For example

griefing: Griefing a protected area of land

The command

  • /ban confuser #griefing

will ban confuser with the reason Griefing a protected area of land.


These define how often a particular timer should run whilst your server is online. The default values are fine, but customise them to your liking.

Note, do not change the lastChecked values, as this could affect syncing between your database and minecraft server.