BanManager v5.4.0


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    May 7, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1



For v5 major changes, please read the v5.0.0 change log.

  • More robust yaml handling, syntax errors now save the yaml file as a backup before replacing with the default. This prevents the plugin from not starting up correctly.
  • Use an alternative for broadcasting, adds backwards compatibility for older Bukkit servers. Thanks to btlim305.
  • Fixed NPE exceptions on /unbanall, /unbanipall and /unmuteall commands when a player was not found.
  • Fixed wrong tokens for some ip based messages.
  • Breaking /bminfo can now be ran without a player argument, defaulting to the player executing it.
    • Looking up other players now requires bm.command.bminfo.others permission.
  • Force offline names to lowercase when generating UUIDs.
    • Fixes case issues for offline servers.
  • Added predefined reasons via hashtags
    • E.g. /warn confuser #hacking
    • Reasons can be added in reasons.yml and keys must not contain whitespace
      • i.e. #the hack won't work, but #thehack will
  • Ip ban notifications now display players.
    • Requires change in banip notify with addition of [players]
    • See default messages.yml for more information
  • Breaking Separated /bmclear types into permissions.
    • bm.command.clear.banrecords
    • bm.command.clear.kicks
    • bm.command.clear.muterecords
    • bm.command.clear.notes
    • bm.command.clear.warnings
  • Added optional config option to limit the amount of players that can connect from the same ip address.
  • Brought command usage messages inline with others, aesthetic change.
  • Improved expired punishment checking. This should fix duplicate records from being created.
  • Shaded google-gson for better compatibility, ergo larger jar size this release.
    • Whilst recent spigot builds changed path to this is not backwards compatible with older bukkit versions which this plugin supports.
    • This will future proof against any other potential gson path changes in the future.
    • This fixes /bmimport and /bmexport on Spigot 1.8+ builds.
  • Added ipv4 range banning, supports wildcard and cidr notations NOTE this creates a new table, therefore if you need a non-default table name, ensure you disable the local database before starting the server with this update to allow for the new config nodes to be created for you to modify.
    • /baniprange <wildcard || cidr> <reason>
    • /tempbaniprange <wildcard || cidr> <timeDiff> <reason>
    • /unbaniprange <wildcard || cidr || player>
    • Permissions
      • bm.command.baniprange
      • bm.command.tempbaniprange
      • bm.command.unbaniprange
      • bm.notify.baniprange
      • bm.notify.tempbaniprange
      • bm.notify.unbaniprange
  • Breaking Fixed ip banning notify permissions
    • Changed from
      • bm.notify.ipban to bm.notify.banip
      • bm.notify.iptempban to bm.notify.tempbanip
  • Fixed permissions for only unbanning own punishments.
  • Added silent flag for most commands
    • Examples:
      • /ban confuser This will be silent -s
      • /tempban confuser 10s Also silent -s
      • /mute confuser Much -s silence
    • Requires .silent command permission, i.e. bm.command.commandName.silent
      • E.g. bm.command.ban.silent, bm.command.tempban.silent etc
    • BmAPI updated with additional params for silencing.
  • Added /banlist [players, ips, ipranges], allows viewing of current bans stored in memory.
    • Requires permissions bm.command.banlist, bm.command.banlist.players, bm.command.banlist.ips, bm.command.banlist.ipranges
  • Added /bmactivity <timeDiff> [player], shows recent activity within the time frame specified which is the same format as temp punishments, i.e. 1d = 1 day.
    • Requires permission bm.command.bmactivity
  • Removed exception during duplicates check.
    • Added message to make others more aware what it means, hopefully reducing false bug reports due to Mojang API rate limiting.