BanManager v5.0.0


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    Feb 22, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


The long awaited stable UUID release of BanManager is now available.


The conversion process has been designed to be run as many times as needed in case the Mojang API rate limit is hit, as well as take into account name changes. Simply re-enable it within your config and restart the server.

For the compatible web interface, please download from GitHub. Please note that this has not been reviewed by BukkitDev staff, therefore use at your own risk.

  • Blacklisted mute commands now try and block all aliases. E.g msg will block tell, whisper etc automatically.
  • Added /alts <player || ip> command
  • Messages have been moved into their own file, messages.yml.
  • Offline players can now be warned, and will see the warning the next time they join the server.
  • Bans/unbans by the console now use a generated uuid within console.yml. Only change the name, i.e SkyBlock Server. This feature is simply to identify which server made a ban, unban etc via the console.
  • /ban /mute etc all accept passing in a uuid instead of a player name.
  • MySQL connections are now pooled, should see some performance improvements. The amount it opens is configurable.
  • The plugin now issues a warning on startup if it notices a time difference between your server and the MySQL server.
  • Syncing has been re-written to use MySQL time, this should hopefully fix any local sync issues people were experiencing.
  • All player data now uses uuids.
  • Added IpBanEvent, IpUnbanEvent, PlayerBanEvent, PlayerUnbanEvent, PlayerMuteEvent, PlayerUnmuteEvent and PlayerWarnEvent. They can all be cancelled and will allow other plugins to listen to them.
  • Command permissions have been changed, they are now bm.command.commandName
    • bm.command.ban
    • bm.command.ban.offline
    • bm.command.tempmute
    • bm.command.tempmute.offline and so on
  • /bminfo now shows possible alts, as well as ip details.
  • /bminfo now requires different permissions for different information:
    • bm.command.bminfo.ipstats
    • bm.command.bminfo.playerstats
    • bm.command.bminfo.connection
    • bm.command.bminfo.alts