BanManager v4.0


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    Feb 2, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • 1.2.5



  • Player names are no longer forced to lower case on start up.
  • Ip notifications no longer display if the banned player couldn't join.
  • Added warning actions. After X defined warnings, run a command. Thanks to EDawg878 for the pull request.
  • Added a configurable warning cooldown to prevent staff warning the same player. Thanks to EDawg878 for the pull request.
  • Added /dwarn command. Requires bm.dwarn permission. Removes the players last warning. Thanks to EDawg878 for the pull request, again!
  • Switched to new Curse approved updater.
  • Updater now runs in its own thread on startup. Prevents servers hanging when BukkitDev is experiencing connectivity issues.
  • Forced a maximum of 20 years for all temp commands, avoids exceptions being thrown for when it was too long.
  • /bmtools has been refactored to a modular system which other plugins can register a tool with. Thanks to CraftThatBlock for the pull request.
  • Fixed high I/O from scheduler.yml saving.
  • Fixed backwards compatibility issues. BanManager is now once again compatible with 1.2.5 mc versions. Tested with Tekkit Classic.

Note: Packages were renamed. Plugins using the BmAPI will still function, however it has been deprecated. It is recommended all plugins reference the new import, me.confuser.banmanager.BmAPI as the old one will be removed next version.

Web Front End

Update Instructions

  1. Fresh install. Remove existing installation and set it up from scratch. Unfortunately a lot of the settings have changed.

As always, demo at

  • Big UI Update. A brand new look. Big thanks to everyone involved, especially davidxd33.
  • Login issue fixed. Thanks to hyperring for the elegant but simple fix.
  • Possible fix for mod security causing % in urls to fail.
  • Minor bug fixes.

* Syncing issue between servers when using the same localDatabase.
* Web interface is not PHP 5.5 compatible.
* Editing a ban with the web interface won't take affect on the server until a restart.