BanManager v3.13


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    Oct 5, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.4
  • 1.2.5



  • /banimport now accepts 'players' & 'ips'. Avoids confusion of people thinking it only imported one player/ip rather than all.
  • Don't store player names in the database as lowercase. Fixes minotar avatars not working on web interface.
  • Expanded bm.notify to: - bm.notify.ban - bm.notify.ipban - bm.notify.mute - bm.notify.kick - bm.notify.warn - bm.notify.tempban - bm.notify.tempipban - bm.notify.unban - bm.notify.unipban - bm.notify.unmute
  • Added permissions. Players with this permission can only unban/unmute players/ips they banned. Still requires the bm.ban etc perms. Eg.
  • Fixed ip bans when importing having 'by' as the reason and vice versa.
  • Fixed warn message not replacing reason & by variables. Thanks zreed for the pull request.
  • Moved set ip for online servers to PlayerLoginEvent. Fix for those using LilyPad not setting the correct ip which was causing dupliate ip spam.
  • Fixed problem where bans/unbans etc were out of sync between multiple servers. Thanks ptoal for this pull request and fix.

Web Front End

Update Instructions

  1. Override bootstrap css files.
  • Bootstap updated. Thanks XxCoolGamesxX for the pull request.

* bm.notify.* doesn't work.